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Occurred : 4/13/2016 20:30 (Entered as : 04/13/16 20:30)
Reported: 4/17/2016 6:34:58 PM 18:34
Posted: 4/22/2016
Location: Curwensville, PA
Shape: Fireball
Duration:4 minutes
Seen what I thought was a strange orange/yellow star, until it started to move slowly above me.

I was standing outside the Curwensville Moose Lodge around 8:30 pm, when I noticed a star that was very unusual. It was a orange/yellow color. At first I just thought, well that's a weird star and was going to leave it at that. But then, as if it knew I was staring at it, the "star" started to slowly move upward. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me until I used another star as a reference point. That's when I knew it was in fact gaining altitude. It was moving slowly upwards until it was over the top of my head. That's when I noticed it had a white pulsating light. I started to get nervous and went to reach for the door to the moose, but it slammed shut. Because it was a push door that only opened on one side, I couldn't get back in. I looked up and it looked like this thing was now staying directly on top of me, I really got nervous and began knocking on the door in hopes that my friend would hear me, and luckily she did, and let me in, when she did open the door, I pointed the object out to her and asked her what she thought it was. She didn't know. I didn't know either. But about 2 years ago I experienced almost the same thing except with 3 "stars" in a triangle formation that were still until they started to move directly over the top of me. Both times, I got into a building and when I came back out, it was gone, on both occasions. I still can't say what they are.