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Occurred : 5/14/2016 20:45 (Entered as : 5/14/16 20:45)
Reported: 5/16/2016 7:20:54 AM 07:20
Posted: 5/20/2016
Location: Raleigh, NC
Shape: Light
Duration:20 minutes
Very bright light in evening sky where neither a star nor planet should be and then 3 pulsating lights came through the trees.

My husband and I were walking up our driveway around 8:45pm, extremely quiet night & the sky was still bright. We noticed a really bright stationary steady light (brighter than a planet) in the northeast sky. No other stars or planets were out. Just seemed out of place. It didn't move for about 10minutes (we were trying to figure if it was a planet or space station). Also, it was not where a planet would be (calibrated StarWalk to moon & nothing bright should be there). My husband was caught off guard & mentioned how it was changing colors. Then, it disappeared. We looked for it about 2-3 minutes and all of a sudden reappeared in same position (small light that got brighter and brighter until it was as bright as before..and there were no clouds to distort the view), stationary about 1 minute then IT STARTED MOVING northward (to the left) about the speed of a second hand on a watch. It moved, by perception, about 4 inches across sky then light just quickly phased out.

As soon as it disappeared again My husband saw a pulsating LED light which flashed 3 times, then paused, and flashed 3 times again (about 3 flashes in 2 seconds) coming thru the trees from southeast toward the west. He mentioned there was a plane coming although there was no noise (we were still looking for the light in the sky). He thought it was a plane until it stopped on our side of the treeline. Brilliantly white bright light. Then I saw it. It followed right under the top tree line (about 50 ft up). When it got in front our trees but still in the branches, behind our house, then the lights started going south to north following our tree line (sometimes a little lower in the tree line and then sometimes a little higher but was never lower than about 50 feet) until it got to the top of our most northward tallest tree & then disappeared. Just 3 flashing-then-pause-then flashing little but amazingly bright LED-like white lights. I thought maybe a drone but there was absolutely no noise. Plus, as my husband pointed out, it was too close into the trees.

Please give some rational explanation.