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Occurred : 5/19/2016 21:11 (Entered as : 5/19/2016 21:11)
Reported: 5/19/2016 9:25:58 PM 21:25
Posted: 5/20/2016
Location: Tucson, AZ
Shape: Light
Duration:15 seconds
To the north of Tucson saw a still light suspended in the sky. It appeared to be moving ever so slowly. I thought it was a sudden planet like Jupiter or Mars are currently brighter than any star currently. Stars blink, aircraft have flashing lights and move more quickly through the sky. I watched it as i knew it was out of place, with planes blinking in the background and stars pulsing around. Suddenly the movement was more obvious and it started to dim and it did, like a light bulb being turned off it dimmed into a dull point and disappeared in the matter of 2-3 seconds and was gone. Like it went up. I saw a similar incident 10 days ago but it disappeared behind a tree to the east.

18 months ago i saw something similar, but appeared more like a slow motion shooting star, going upwards. Even saw a small fire trail. I watch planes and helicopters almost every night, seen meteors and shooting stars. You learn flight paths and how to identify these things. And also like the 3 incidents I mentioned you can tell what seems backwards or unnatural (including inhuman as far as we know).

Just wish i could see these in the day, seems I only see them shortly after night fall and only within the atmosphere. Just sharing because I see a lot of this around Tucson but can never find reports.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))