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Occurred : 6/6/2016 10:30 (Entered as : 06/06/2016 10:30)
Reported: 6/6/2016 11:26:19 AM 11:26
Posted: 6/10/2016
Location: Cedarcreek, MO
Shape: Cigar
Duration:~5 minutes
Spindle-shaped object with no wings, no sound, no vapor trail seen in clear sky in daylight.

On Monday, 6 June, 2016, from approximately 10:30 to 10:35 a.m., under a clear blue sky, with sun shining and no obvious haze, I witnessed a strange silvery-gray aircraft(?) fly over my property. I stood in my garden and watched it for what I would guess was just under 5 minutes as it seemed to glide or “slip” through the sky. (I did not have a watch on, but looked at the time when I went back into the house a few minutes later)

The craft was long and thin, rather spindly, than cigar-shaped, with tapered ends, and it appeared to have no wings or means of propulsion.

I did notice what looked like a shadowy line or slightly darker area running vertically about two-thirds of the way back from the leading end or front of the craft. Other than that (and I should stress that that mark was truly nothing more than a shadow-like area—not a clearly defined stripe or change of color from the rest of the craft--almost more a “suggestion” of a stripe) there were no marks, visible protuberances of any kind, lights, color or decoration anywhere on the object. It was simply long, smooth, and silver.

I watched it as it came into view from the southeast—keeping it in sight until it disappeared into the northwest—but I never heard a sound (not even the suggestion of sound) or noticed the slightest change of shape to indicate that previously unseen wings or other parts may have been hidden by the angle of flight.

The craft appeared to be at a relatively high altitude—extending my arm fully and pointing it at the craft, I could almost cover it with one finger but it was not quite as long as two finger widths. (Maybe an inch long at arm’s length when pointing to what would be about an 11 o’clock position in the sky, if the horizon was at 9 o’clock, and noon was straight overhead.)

I saw it coming towards me, as it went past, and then as it went away from me, but nothing in the way of wings or anything else ever showed—even in suggestion. It was 100% smooth. However, I don’t want to mislead anyone. I was never presented with an absolute end-on or front-end view that might have allowed me to see it in cross-section. My observations were strictly from below and to one side, although the fact that the length of the spindle grew longer, then shorter, as I watched its progress, shows that I did see at least a slight three-quarter view as it followed its path across the sky.

There were two rather interesting and puzzling things about this object that I find hard to describe (other than its being soundless, wingless, featureless and having no vapor trail at all, I mean) ...

The first is that it seemed to have a kind of very faint luminosity about it that did not seem to be the result of light reflection. It somehow managed to look as if it were both a dull silver-gray AND lit up from the inside at the same time. Sort of like a faintly charged glow-in-the-dark object but with a clearer, colorless light. I imagine it might be what you’d see if you put a light source behind a mylar sheet, but there was no focal point of brighter light. It was diffuse and very faint, as if the light came from the object’s surface, rather than interior.

The second thing is that the entire object or craft appeared to have a kind of halo or aura in a perfect circle around it a fair distance from it. The aura was something like the corona you see around a full moon under certain conditions except that it was dark rather than light and so faint as to be nearly invisible. I actually thought my eyes were playing tricks on me,, at first, and that I wasn’t really seeing anything but those annoying “floaters” people sometimes get. I tried rubbing my eyes and even looking at other parts of the sky to see if the phenomena was in my own eyes, but I could not see it except while looking at the craft.

After ascertaining that there really was something there, I began to wonder if it was some sort of rotary device—like helicopter blades—spinning so fast that it was nearly invisible, but I think I would have heard something like that, especially when I started thinking about how enormous it would have to be. If the craft was approximately an inch across at arm’s length, the circle around it would have been more like two inches across by the same measure—much too large for a rotor, I would think. And of course, it floated completely independent of the craft. There were no connections between that circle of faint darkness and the craft itself.

I wish I could describe this better, but despite being on many an Air Force base and at airports around the world in my day, I’ve really not come across anything quite like this before. Let me correct that … This marks the fourth time I have seen this craft over the last several years. (I cannot recall the exact dates, unfortunately, but I would say that I first saw it about 5 or 6 years ago and have seen it twice more between this sighting and that first.) In each case, except the third occurrence, the sightings were on clear, sunny days in late spring or early summer and each time the flight path appeared to be either east or southeast to west or northwest.

I live in a very rural area near a national forest and have goats. In both of the first two incidents I was out with my goats and got a very good look at it. The third occurrence was less distinct because I was preoccupied with something too important to stop doing and I only got a chance to glance at it a bit in between. However, I do remember that it was also a fine day, though I do not remember what time of year it was or which direction the craft was traveling.

You will wonder why I am reporting this now when I did not report it before. I can only say that because I have a rational mind I have spent the intervening years trying to convince myself that what I saw was nothing more than an unusual aircraft of unfamiliar design. I was helped in this by my husband who has always maintained that I did not see wings because the angle was wrong or light got in my eyes, or something … He explained away the lack of sound by saying other sounds may have disguised it; it was not traveling in a direction that allowed me to hear the sound right away; or I simply mis-remembered it. The same for all my other objections. I began to be half-convinced that I was simply mis-remembering everything … until today.

I watched this thing for long enough to be judge and jury today. I questioned myself on every point and acquitted myself of insanity and faulty memory on every score AS I WATCHED IT. "Does it have wings?," I asked. NO. Does it have a vapor trail? NO. Does it emit any sound? NO. And so on. It is as described. What that is, I leave you to decide.

I will email a simple drawing of the object following this submission.