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Occurred : 6/6/2016 14:00 (Entered as : 06/06/16 14:00)
Reported: 6/6/2016 3:14:44 PM 15:14
Posted: 6/10/2016
Location: Pleasanton, CA
Shape: Teardrop
Duration:10-15 seconds
on June 6, 2016 at approximately 2pm, while driving home on the 680 freeway in Pleasanton, CA, I saw objects in the sky that caught my attention. I was going approximately 75 mph, so I glanced out my side window and saw 7 or 8 objects that were shaped like teardrops or tadpoles. They seemed to be half silver and half see thru or whitish. They were traveling up and away and darting around and weaving with each other.

I looked at the road, then out my windshield, and saw the same thing. I looked out the side window again and they were still there, weaving in and out of their paths. Then I saw my exit and planned to stop and get a better look. But they were gone.

The sky was clear, no clouds at all. I saw what looked like a plane in the distance, much farther, it was small and white and tubular shaped and it disappeared as well. They seemed real, and not my imagination. They did not look like anything I have seen on TV. The objects did not fit any of the characteristics on the form. It was an exciting moment.