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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/29/2016 23:00 (Entered as : 06/29/16 23:00)
Reported: 6/30/2016 9:45:53 AM 09:45
Posted: 7/8/2016
Location: Siloam Springs, AR
Shape: Unknown
Duration:1 hour
20+ strange lights, resembling stars with 4 red lines projecting out from underneath, seemed as close as the occasional airplane.

I noticed a really bright star and thought it might be a planet at first or a satellite. Then I noticed it looked like it had red lines underneath, projecting outward. Then I looked around and every star seemed to look like that so I thought my eyes might have been tired since it was 11 pm, way past my bedtime. I got my kids, 19, 18 & 11 and they all described the same thing. I noticed they were closer than stars, which we could see and were much farther away and looked normal. We live in town so it’s hard to see stars because of all of the streetlights.

All four of us could see the exact shape and colors and they were all identical. They resembled a star (white), with four lines coming out under them in a shape similar to a penciled hangman. Two lines went out to the sides (perfectly parallel) and two angled downwards like an upside-down V.

There are at least twenty of them and they were all across the sky, in all directions. A few of them flickered, one went out and then came back a few minutes later, a couple seemed to move a little bit but not much, but most never moved and we stayed out there an entire hour. We gave up watching after that hour but they were still there.

There were a couple of planes that flew over while we were out there, so we knew these were not planes. There would never be that many planes where we live. We thought about Chinese lanterns since it is so close to the 4th, but most of them never moved. We thought about satellites, but why so many? And they seemed really close. They seemed to be just over our town. I thought about drones, as I have seen a couple but why at night and so many? They were defiantly mechanical objects as they were all identical..

I hope to find out what these were. They were definitely something I have never seen and I have been a star watcher for 40+ years.