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Occurred : 7/3/2016 01:45 (Entered as : 7/3/16 1:45)
Reported: 7/4/2016 2:04:59 AM 02:04
Posted: 7/8/2016
Location: Santa Fe, NM
Shape: Light
Duration:10 seconds
Blinking lights on for several seconds getting super bright and fadding out , a smoke orb flying low ,giant green orb very fast

This is getting a little crazy already. Since I saw my first ufo a few months ago I've been seen them on a regular basis still in search of answer or explanations with no luck . I'll start by saying I've spent on average 2 hours a night out side looking at the sky and just in the past two nights 7/2/16 and tonight 7/4/16 @ 12-1:45am I saw 3 separate crafrs. Starting with last night.looking toward a mountain range I enjoy looking at where I have seen weird things so I regularly look in the direction to see if I can get any luck on top of this range is a fairly dim red light(due to distance) that goes on and off as a plane warning to let a plane know there is a huge mountain right there well. I'll get to the point I was looking that way and I see what I thought was the red light at first but it was alot brighter and bigger didn't think much of it I thought maybe it was just a clearer night well I look about a mile to the left and sure enough the one I see is! there still dim and remember I look at these mountains every single night and have never seen this light so I look back at the other object and it's blinking but getting brighter then dim then completely fade away for 10-30 seconds at a time then it would reappear in another spot although still close to the first spot and blink then it would even stay lit for 10-30 seconds I called my roommate outside he is not a ufo believer but he knows I have no reason to play games or lie about something like this . And he sees the plane warning light and says that's just a tower to warn planes in case it's dark I said not that. And I pointed and he was in complete disbelief he couldn't even imagine what could hover, blink turn off get brighter and dimmer and even move spots we walked about a 1/4 miles down the road from our home to get a better look we stayed looking for 30 minutes when all of a sudden. A very bright light seemed to be following us getting brighter to the point we co! uldn't even look the the direction anymore it was blinding we ! got frea ked out and ran all the way home. And we finally looked back and everything was gone and did not come back . Earlier my roommate and I went for a walk to a bridge close to home where it's super dark at night and I told him I bet we see something he said no way. About 15 minutes of looking we see a ball of what looks to be glowing smoke hovering very low to earth it looked to be far away but close to the ground as it floated along it literally passed my neighbors house it was so much closer than we thought and it went in front of the house passed the house and kept going we attempted to fallow it but it picked up speed and was to quick for us to fallow we watched for a few minutes untill it disappeared though it never change shape never got bigger or smaller and never got lighter or darker so it couldn't have been actual smoke this was tonight well we finally went inside to watch some TV and wash clothes as I got done hand washing my work clothes due to delicate material th! at will get ruined if put in a machine .I went outside to ring the items out when I noticed two very distant stars that looked super close together so I took out my phone and used the app space junk to identify the stars as I was doing it . I see a flash what seems to the down the road and I look up this object was also very very low to the ground maybe only a few hundred feet it was a green orb biggest I've ever seen. I fallowed it from where I saw the flash and fallowed it as it flew right over my head at a very very high rate of speed and continued looking at the object untill it faded into the night sky this was one single orb I got a good look at it considering the whole event took 10 seconds or less . I want to say I have much better things to do with my time than write this and make things up this is not a hoax I don't need any attention I am just sharing my experience. Call me lucky or cursed but lately I have seen many unexplained phenomenon in the sky I live in a! mountain area with no light I've tried over and over to take ! pictures with my phone with no luck I am going to invest in a very nice camera I know I'll see more soon . I'd really like to know why I'm seeing so many ufo if they are aliens do they want me to see them its overwhelming so many shapes sizes colors orbs blinking blood crafts it goes on . If anyone can contact me with similar experiences I'd love to chat this isn't a joke this isn't a prank or a hoax I am saying this because last time I saw something very strange . It said possible hoax I honestly felt offended made me not want to post but I'll give it another chance. Thanks