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Occurred : 7/8/2016 22:10 (Entered as : 7/8/2016 22:10)
Reported: 7/8/2016 7:25:10 PM 19:25
Posted: 7/15/2016
Location: Lauderhill, FL
Shape: Flash
Duration:1 second
Flash of light traveling south to north. The flash left a trail of light.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with the witness, and she sounded to us to be very sober-minded. We suspect that she is a highly reliable witness. PD))


Hi Peter,

My villas backyard faces east and my clear field of vision from south to north. I would guess is if looking up 3 to 4 miles. I was entering the backyard when I saw the flash. It appeared in a straight line, no definable shape, but a massive light component to the north part of the flash. It appeared to be a few hundred feet above and beyond a picture I am enclosing of my back neighbors roofline. The width of the light was the width of theIr roofline.

It may have been miles away but hated to give a perspective on the distance. The tail followed the entire distance of .my Vista south to north. Pic attached. Took the pics this morning. Did anyone else see this? This was not lightning.