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Occurred : 7/23/2016 14:00 (Entered as : 07/23/2016 14:00)
Reported: 7/23/2016 10:15:43 PM 22:15
Posted: 8/2/2016
Location: Eugene, OR
Shape: Cigar
Duration:3-4 minutes
Translucent object observed flying in the clear, blue afternoon sky.

We were traveling north on Beltline, when we first noticed an object flying in the cloudless, blue sky from west to east. It appeared to be translucent and made me think of how an agate would look if it was held up to the sky. It was quite small, longer than it was tall, but it definitely had a hump top & bottom about the middle of the craft. We could see no wings,tail, or anything extending from the craft. The speed was not too much faster than a commercial airliner, and we were able to watch it clearly. The strangest thing about it was that it was completely invisible to our eyes when we tried to observe it after removing our sunglasses. When we replaced our sunglasses it was clearly visible again.