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Occurred : 7/27/2016 21:35 (Entered as : 07/27/16 21:35)
Reported: 7/27/2016 10:54:11 PM 22:54
Posted: 8/2/2016
Location: Sacramento, CA
Shape: Fireball
Duration:2 minutes
Fireball with trail similar to a comet seen navigating over roof tops of suburb of city

While walking my dog I saw what looked liked an orange ball shaped light with a trail following of what looked like sparks. The ball shaped object looked to be similar to a burning sparkler like the type kids light on the 4th of July. The object was flying approximately 50-100 feet above ground and navigating between larger objects in the area. At first glance it looked like a meteorite with the trail of sparks but it was too low and seemed to navigate around large standing trees, power lines, and two story homes. I've seen other strange things around this area, but nothing quite like this. I went to take a closer look to see if maybe it were a crashing plane or meteorite but there was nothing where it should have landed. I first observed it through trees and assumed the trail of what I'm going to call sparks were just glare, but when it came into the clearing I saw that it was not. There also seemed to be a dark residue in the sky in the objects flight path, but not smoke. No sound was heard from the object, just a visual observation. I'm curious if anyone else has seen this object.

I've seen other lights that would hover and make figure 8 patterns in the air, which I tracked for miles while driving home where it settled over an old building and put on a show for 20-30 minutes before disappearing into thin air. This light looked like a police siren that would flash green for a while, then red, then blue, then purple and repeat in no discernible order. I took a video of this but it somehow got deleted off my phone. When I had looked at this video I saw other strange lights that I didn't see when filming with my phone. This was approximately one year ago. I've seen other very similar lights but just dismiss them now because they are so common. I'm not sure what to make of what I've seen but it keeps getting stranger and stranger as time goes on.

((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD))