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Occurred : 7/27/2016 22:38 (Entered as : 07/27/2016 22:38)
Reported: 7/30/2016 1:29:38 PM 13:29
Posted: 8/2/2016
Location: Buhl, ID
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:30 minutes
We saw a very large, long object with orangish lights on the bottom, moving over the tree tops right in town.

On Wednesday, July 27th, 2016 at approximately 2238 hours, in the City of Buhl, County of Twin Falls and State of Idaho, my husband and I we're at the intersection of Clear Lakes Road and the Highway 30 traffic light. We were facing south preparing to turn eastbound when the light turned green. My husband was driving and I was the frontseat passenger. It was a clear night with lots of stars out. I happened to look through the trees in front of us, across the road to the south. I believe something caught my eye.

The light turned green, and as we were turning to the left, I noticed the street lights seemed to be moving or trailing lights. Then I realized that the lights weren't moving; it was something right above them or what seemed to be almost parallel with them above them.

I noticed something very low in the sky just above the tree line, that looked kind of like long railroad cars, traveling eastbound with orangish lights at the bottom. This was a huge mass in the sky and I began to verbalize to my husband something like, “what the F*#@ is that!” Fair Street (4100 N 1500 E) was just immediately to the right (south)of us, where you can turn Southbound and the object in the sky looked to be almost landing behind the buildings and the grocery store on Highway 30. It looked to be going behind Ridley’s Market or the Kacy Meadows Apartment complex.

My husband pulled into the grocery store because that was actually where we were headed before going home that night. I told him to keep going east through the parking lot, because the object had become too low and I was searching for a clearing between the buildings to view it.

We pulled in between King's Department Store and the laundromat, which share the same parking lot as Ridley’s Market, onto a little dead end street. We could again see the object heading eastbound so we decided to turn around and follow it. It seemed to already be about a mile east of where we had first witnessed it, but was now higher in the sky.

We got back out onto Highway 30 (4100 N) in front of the buildings and headed Eastbound at 45 miles per hour down ‘Millionaire Row’ out of Buhl. The homes and the tree line on the south side of the road obstructed our view from the object for a short time as we traveled out of Buhl. We could now see the object up in the sky, probably another half mile to the East of us, but now it looked to be in a vertical position instead of horizontal. We turned southbound at approximately 1700 East, just one mile east from where we first saw the object in the City of Buhl.

After traveling approximately one mile southbound, I made my husband pull over and I got out of the truck to see if I could see the object clearer because it was now on the driver’s side of the vehicle and seemed to be hovering or moving really shlow. It looked to be about a half mile off the ground. At this time, I saw a plane circling to land at the Twin Falls airport south of Twin Falls, Idaho. The plane looked to be about a mile or so higher in the sky than the object we were following. For a second, I thought maybe this was a strange aircraft also heading towards the airport, but it wasn’t.

The object looked to still be heading eastbound, slightly curving to the south. We began to drive southbound again, where I knew if we could get onto 3700 North and travel eastbound, we could drive without having stop signs and have clear visibility to keep tracking the object and perhaps get nearer and underneath it.

We headed eastbound on 3700 North at approximately 45 to 50 miles per hour. The object seemed to be hovering now and not moving that much or at a slow rate of speed. I told my husband to turn on the next mile road, turning left, back towards the north. It seemed that at that point, we would be able to get a closer observation and still be able to maneuver in a few directions if the object decided to start off again.

The next mile road was 1800 East. We had traveled approximately 3 miles to the east from first seeing the object. We parked our truck once again at the side of the road and turned the lights off, so we could get a better view of the object in the sky. I believe we watched the object for approximately 5 minutes when it proceeded to then slowly move back towards Buhl but in a northwest direction instead of straight back to the west. We were afraid we would lose sight of the object because it seemed to be moving at a rapid pace and towards the North and we knew the roads we were traveling on broke up between fields.

I was able to keep tracking the object with the passenger side window down while my husband drove the vehicle westbound on what I believe was 3800 North. The object seemed to be high in the sky and moving quickly in a northwest direction. We then turned northbound on 1700 East and continued northbound until we stopped at Highway 30 (4100 North).

I then told my husband to head West, back into Buhl and to try to navigate to the Buhl Cemetery area (1574 E 4150N), where I knew there would be no city lights and a clearing, where we could view the object in the sky. We then turned Northbound taking a right on 1600 East and traveled a half mile to the cemetery Road and then continued a short length afterwards and again parked the vehicle at the side of the road and turned off all the lights.

The object that I'd been tracking seemed to be a couple miles west of Buhl. I gauged it over some irrigation pipeline for reference, so my husband could find it in the sky when he got out of the vehicle. After a short time watching the object we had tracked, three more lights came to the area where the original object was located in the sky; 2 from the south and 1 from the north. They looked to be in formation with the object we had tracked, approximately a half a mile apart from each other object. I pointed these lights out to my husband. (texted my daughter at 2302 & 2304 hours) I called my youngest daughter (2307 hours) to tell her what we had been seeing. She called back (2308 hours) and told her I wasn't sure who to contact in order to see if these were military aircraft; knowing that the military base near Mountain Home, Idaho would be having a three week drill coming up this next month.

The 4 lights seemed to be moving slower towards the west; but still slightly visible to the eye. My husband decided that since the lights were now too far away to view, and our cell phones were not capable of taking good video or images, that we would go home and he would try to locate the objects in the sky with his field glasses.

When we got home, located approximately 2 miles south of our Cemetery location, we were out in the front of our driveway and we did not see anything in the sky right away. Within a couple of minutes, I saw a light appear again in the west. It got brighter as it moved east. There was a regular type of aircraft circling low in the sky, that seemed to stay on the outskirts of this ufo object; as if it was tracking it.

The object came from the West, low in the sky (vertically), and headed Northeast at a slow pace. My husband had his field glasses and said that the object looked like a Christmas tree shape. The object was low in the sky. As it traveled further to the east, it was harder to tell if it was traveling vertically or horizontally. There was no way to tell if this object was the same one that we had initially tracked or a different object; however, it was the same shape and size as the object we had seen when we had tracked it east of Buhl and had parked at the roadside to make observation.

I went inside the house and got online to see if our local newspaper or news channel had anything posted; which they didn’t. I then went to the UFO report website to find the instructions on how to report this. During our tracking of this ufo, I had tried calling and texted the City of Buhl on-duty officers; my coworkers. I had also called and talked to my daughter to see if she could get online and see if anything was being reported. By morning the next day, it was reported that it was space debris or meteors; but what we tracked could not have been.

((NUFORC Note: Chinese rocket re-entry. PD))