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Occurred : 8/4/2016 20:00 (Entered as : 8/4/16 20:00)
Reported: 8/4/2016 9:46:19 PM 21:46
Posted: 8/16/2016
Location: Ludlow, MA
Shape: Light
Duration:4-5 seconds

Me and my wife were driving down East street Ludlow, Ma. There was just this EXTREMELY bright circular object in the sky, it was almost as if it was glistening. My wife said she felt as if it was two put together in one, like one behind the other, not saucer nothing like that, just these circular balls of light.

The object was extremely bright during the dusk in Ludlow, MA around 8:15 pm. It was so bright I could barely pay attention to the road. It was not blinding me from driving, I just have never seen anything that bright in the sky before. We turned onto the bridge in Ludlow Ave and just like that it was gone. There were two helicopters in the air, I just felt odd because I knew they were looking at the same thing we were looking at. They looked like army helicopters, the ones with the double propellers. It was just so bright…

My wife is usually a skeptic, but years ago I had a sighting at a lake out in the Indian Orchard area of a friend’s house, right in the vicinity of that area. I thought I would never have seen another anomaly in the sky again. The last sighting made me feel as if I was crazy, I just couldn’t understand the reality of what I had seen, not literal crazy. It was a clear blue sky, grey looking flat thing,with some kind of fog or haze appearing right before my eyes, not even like a saucer. It lasted for about 3 seconds maybe? I only say this because what I seen tonight, had made this my second sighting? Or so I like to believe. It just helped me to revalidate the questioning of my own sense of reality. I saw something very BRIGHT.

I work at a fitness gym, I also run a few of my own businesses along with my wife. We are both extremely competent, and for her to be astonished, I knew she finally believed that there are just some things, clearly unexplainable.