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Occurred : 7/27/2016 22:50 (Entered as : 07/27/2016 22:50)
Reported: 8/6/2016 7:51:58 AM 07:51
Posted: 8/16/2016
Location: Tooele, UT
Shape: Triangle
Duration:5-10 minutes
Bunch of super bright lights on base in long triangle; was gliding, with a humming sound. After 2-3 blocks, it disappeared!

I was standing on front porch, which faces south. There is a baseball park across street. The location is on south east end of town. I noticed a super bright light through the leaves of the trees that line across the street. It was coming from south heading North. I could not hear any planes, so it caught my curiosity.

As I was trying to see what the bright light was, it came from behind trees, now heading east. The lights were so bright, I thought at first it was bunch of stars. It was not real high up and was huge, I could tell the frame was triangular-sort of like an arrow head. The only sound was a hum. It was gliding, not moving fast. It was really low so i could see it really well. The brightness of the lights made it hard to see what it was. I watched it continue east for two blocks, approximately. It did not go up higher-nothing landed, nor was there any debris in area. This was flying so low, it would not have made it over the Oquirrh Mountains.

When it got 2 or 3 blocks disappeared!

I had good view from the distance I was. From beginning, to the disappearance, was about 10 minutes. There was no way this could have been seen from Salt Lake. As it came over the baseball field... it seemed to be the size of the field or larger. I don't think this was re-entry junk, that was seen in Salt Lake same evening. Was flying way low. Wasn't even as high as helicoptors or small planes fly.

It did not fall, nor change path, nor go higher. Just disappeared!