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Occurred : 8/19/2016 00:55 (Entered as : 08/19/2016 0:55)
Reported: 8/29/2016 4:11:20 PM 16:11
Posted: 9/2/2016
Location: Vero Beach, FL
Shape: Fireball
Duration:10 minutes
Fireball looking UFO hovered near us on beach.

My boyfriend and I honestly felt crazy,, and were not going to post anything, until we saw a startlingly similar sighting in our town, same area *the beach,* at nearly identical time, August 19th, around 12:50 am and on.

We walked down to the beach and sat by the water, we are sitting now and see to our right (about 150 yards away) a white blinking light close to the ground, running uncomfortably fast towards us. We had our dog, a Doberman, and assumed maybe it was a puppy with a blinking collar for night time. Regardless, it freaked me out a bit an we ran back to our beach access (approximately 0.3 of a mile). When we felt we were at the safety of our access and close to our home, we turned around and saw not just one blinking light, but now two. Sprinting from the shore all the way to the top of the beach, back and forth at insane speed. The blinking lights are going into the water-about 5 yards, and seem to have no trouble sprinting back and forth without stopping. At this point, we realized their speed and how the second light came out of nowhere, it could not be dogs.

At this point, I was very uneasy and told my boyfriend I would like to go home. He insisted on watching and figuring it out. When I told him again I was leaving, the two blinking lights shut off. After 3-5 seconds of darkness, the lights come back on but now there are more, maybe 5 separate sources of these blinking lights, running quickly from the shore to the top of the beach.

We turn around to go home and DIRECTLY in front of us, 100 yards AT MOST, and 3 stories high there is a bright orange/yellow LARGE light (looked like it could have been a plane) until it began rushing towards us and would change speed-when we turned around it was racing towards us but when we saw it, immediately slowed. It was directly over us at a point and there was a white light in the middle of it reflecting down over us. We looked where it originally seemed to be speeding from, and there WAS a small smoke trail. We started screaming and ran back to the street. We tried understanding what it was, but couldn't. There was no start or end to the object-it was glowing, it had a glowing aura about it.It made no noise whatsoever. It was right above us and we hard nothing. Neither of us were intoxicated and we consistently walk the beach at night as we live so close. We have never seen anything like this.

When we were on the street, we looked back at the apartment building and could see the object hovering over the beach access where we left. Literally just hovering. As we were running home, it would go behind the building so we couldn't see it, but peek back out the same side. It did this 2-3 times and disappeared, not coming back out from the apartment building again.

I'm not sure if these are unrelated experiences, but at the time it felt the blinking lights were distraction to turn around and have this terrifying, unidentified object so close to us.... IF anyone has any input, please let us know. Neither of us can sleep at night.