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Occurred : 9/3/2016 01:08 (Entered as : 09/03/16 01:08)
Reported: 9/6/2016 11:03:05 PM 23:03
Posted: 9/9/2016
Location: North Las Vegas, NV
Shape: Light
Duration:5-10 seconds
Two lights north of Las Vegas, hovering and eventually gliding until it disappeared.

I was out working out in the backyard of my home at around 1am while listening to Coast to Coast am. My backyard faces north, the house faces south. I had a clear view of the northern sky, Nellis AFB is to my north east at about less than 7 miles from my home. I have seen many terrestrial and known objects in the skies: satellites, fireballs, shooting stars and even unique aircraft like the stealth bomber, all within the city limits. Tonight, I saw something that was very unconventional to the aforementioned objects. The object was simply two lights, one bright light and another less bright light at around the 11 o'clock mark above the brighter light. The object just appeared out of nowhere towards the north and not anywhere near the AFB, I would say the AFB is more north easterly while this object was straight north. The distance between the 2 lights was greater than the distance of an airplane's wingspan, that is what caught my eye. As I saw the object, the lights seemed to hoover and then eventually glide in perfect unison at an angle, the reason I think I was seeing it at an angle, is because I was assuming I was looking at a solid object but looking it at while it was making some sort of turn. The object glided and it seemed to move east at first and then eventually turned north and disappeared, the disappearance was odd because it seemed like it disappeared into some sort of haze or fog, but there were no clouds that night. It might have disappeared behind the mountain, but that does not explain how both lights just vanished, as if flying into a cloud, which I have seen aircraft do flying behind mountains and clouds. This was definitely the closest thing to a UFO I have seen. I did take a video of the even, but the image is too dark to see anything.