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Occurred : 9/6/2016 06:15 (Entered as : 09 06 2016 6:15)
Reported: 9/11/2016 8:10:21 AM 08:10
Posted: 9/15/2016
Location: Gary, IN
Shape: Cigar
Duration:3-5 minutes
At about 6:15 am 0n September 6, 2016, i was out back my house facing east, It was very clear blue skies with only 1 cloud in the sky it was cigar shaped, I liked it it was unusual Then a puff of smoke came out of it falling at a 45 degree angle going northeast, I could see 2 shining shapes a bit in front, the smoke disappeared very quick it was not a jet!!

i went inside to get my camera to take a picture but by the time I got it the craft was in the tree line!! I figured I would report this! I do not know what it was could of been space stuff falling, i will leave it up to you the experts!! But it was NO plane for sure!! Thanks for listening to me!!