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Occurred : 7/18/1974 03:00 (Entered as : 07/18/74 3:00)
Reported: 9/12/2016 5:02:31 PM 17:02
Posted: 9/15/2016
Location: Sebring, FL
Shape: Cigar
Duration:3+ hours
Multi- event, three orb / stars move in triangle unison, cigar shaped craft turns up to sky becomes point of light

My friend and I set up on a dock on Lake Sebring to watch the stars. We were laying on camping cots so we were focused on the same spot in the sky. Looking about 15 degrees from directly overhead, facing west, over the lake. I now know this shape to be the torso of pegasus.

This was a multi-faceted event.

First we saw a couple typical satellites pin-points moving in a straight line. (My thoughts, satellites) Next we noticed heat lightning, but later both recognized it was more like subtle bands of white moving across the ecliptic east-west and became semi-regular. 15 to 20 minutes would pass. Three stars began to move in perfect unison shape of a triangle – after 1-2 sec. the bottom most star got 3-5 times brighter before shrinking back to its original size, all the while keeping the shape of the triangle. This group moved out of view.

Next,the most perfect shooting star i have ever seen, traveling a distance i had not seen. Two rails of Gold sparkle streamers followed behind it.

Next, faint lights appeared in the torso, tens at a times, all moving in random, like koi fish in a pond coming to the surface to eat.

Then it got good.

The sky seemed to turn blue-dark almost flourescent. All but one star faded out and it began to oscillate. I became extremely emotional – i could feel – not sure if i was being "told" – but i told my friend,"they are going to give us the show we wanted to see".

At that point, smaller white stars began to shoot about 1-2 degrees away from the oscillating star and loop back. I started telling my friend "it's like they are telling me i can go with them", but i wasn't hearing voices. It was a feeling. I told my friend that they understood that he had a family and could not come. I became very scared. I know in my head, there was a break away from this type of communication. The star seemd to rise higher in the sky and i wept more. My friend tried to comfort me telling me to take it in. It was now the most beautiful feeling i had ever felt. The sky began to "woosh" colors of what seemed like thick liquid clouds. Purple, blue, black, gold, silver were swooshing at incredible speed.

At one point it became calm again (though there was no noise associated with this even).

We are laying there on our cots. I dont think there was a presence, but i was terrified to look around. First for fear that I would end the event, but i didnt think i could handle seeing an extra terrestrial. During this calm, i felt a blue glow coming from behind us, almost like what was making the sky this strange color. I remembered seeing this blue glow on my nose as i continued looking out over the lake. I told my friend " i dont think we are on earth anymore". Almost like that seen from contact when Jodi Foster meets the dad-form of the being.

The sky picked back up, i wept more at the beauty.

Then it stopped again. The sky went black, the stars came back…but the sun was also coming up now and within minutes we are in dusk.

We both stood up and jumped for joy knowing we had seen a unique event.

Looking out over the dock, we saw a plane but quickly realized no. It was a small cigar shaped craft, too far to make out detail. But obvious it had no wings and no tail and was such a shined piece of metal that it was almost white. It was at least a mile away laterally and a couple thousand feet up. It glided, silently toward our position but latterly away, like a fly by….we both got that "hello, goodbye" feeling. It made its right turn parallel to our position and kept going up until it was a star and then vanished.

Afterward, trey and i both noticed a sort of electricity left the air.

I made note of black floaters in my eye, so big that it was like news print letters – like globs of oil. He said he had the same thing. We sat down for a minute and knew the event was over.

During this even i never told my friend what i saw. I only asked him what he saw. He was always able to describe precisely what i saw. We are both educators – so obviously , its not my first way to help my career to talk about UFO's.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))