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Occurred : 9/20/2016 06:10 (Entered as : 09/20/2016 06:10)
Reported: 9/20/2016 4:04:59 AM 04:04
Posted: 9/22/2016
Location: Columbus, OH
Shape: Chevron
Duration:5 minutes
I live in the northeast part of Columbus. I saw a bright light in the distance and it slowly came closer, I think it was moving about 200 mph at best guess. It was at least 25,000 feet up and several miles, from my position when I first saw it. I watched it til I could determine that there were no blinking lights on it indicating it was a plane. It came from NW of the city and flew over the upper northeast portion of town. I was able to see it clearly for about two minutes at it's closest point to my house, when it banked slightly and I could see 5 lights and the bottom of a chevron shaped craft. I watched it for another two minutes as it continued to travel in a ESE direction. It faded from sight in the distance ...

I would like to be informed if anyone else reports this…