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Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/18/2016 21:00 (Entered as : 09-18-16 21:00)
Reported: 9/21/2016 2:33:47 PM 14:33
Posted: 9/22/2016
Location: Ingersoll (Canada), ON
Shape: Formation
Duration:1 minute
Multiple Anomolies In An Ontario Town

I was at a local park to do some wind sprints for fitness training. I had arrived at the park around 20:00hrs and had just begun the workout, doing one sprint, and then while doing the recovery walk back to the starting point, I looked up into the night sky and saw a formation of three objects. I was facing north, and the objects, numbering three, were flying low, in formation, going from west to east. These objects were whitish, luminous, but not overly bright. In fact, if I had not been looking up, it is possible that I may not have noticed them. The objects were orbish in shape, luminous yet translucent, having a spectral aspect to them, and although the sighting was brief, it caused me to be very alarmed. The lights did not resemble airplane lights, but had a spectral, unnatural appearance to them. Alarmed, I walked quickly back to my vehicle and exited the park, as I felt threatened. They were low and, having read accounts of abduction by ufos, I did no! t wish to be added to the list of abductees. I was alone in the park, it was very dark, and I felt vulnerable upon seeing these objects. Also, there was no sound emitted by the objects as they flew overhead. This encounter left me shaken and anxious. Early the following morning, before dawn, many dogs in the neighborhood were uncharacteristically barking together. I was still jittery the following day, and had a very bad night's sleep after this encounter.

Although I cannot recall the exact date or time, approximately two or three weeks earlier, my wife and I were returning from grocery shopping one evening, heading northbound on a street in Ingersoll, when we both noticed an unusual object in the night sky. It was approximately 22:00hrs. The object was an orangish orb, and it was maintaining a steady position approximately 200 feet above a subdivision. We observed it while driving closer to its position. I said that we should go into the subdivision so as to get a better look, and when we went into the subdivision, it disappeared from view. This earlier sighting was approximately one mile north of the second sighting, several weeks later.

A few days before this sighting, my oldest son was having a cigarette on the patio before leaving for work in the morning. It would have been approximately 05:00hrs. While having the smoke, he heard a humming noise in the air above him, although he was unable to see anything that may have been making the noise. He went inside to tell my wife, but when they went outside together, the humming noise had stopped.

As a background, I served four years as an auxiliary police officer and as a part-time jail guard.

You are welcome to contact me for any more information that you may require, but please do not publish my name. Thank you.