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Occurred : 9/5/2016 20:00 (Entered as : 09/05/16 20:00)
Reported: 9/24/2016 7:23:45 PM 19:23
Posted: 9/30/2016
Location: South Park Township, PA
Shape: Light
Duration:6 hours
White and Orange lights that seemed to be intelligent/intelligently controlled followed us all night.

The evening of September 5, my cousin and I once again found ourselves in the general vicinity of an incident from the previous morning. We were about 3 miles upstream from the previous morning, at a small swimming hole along Piney Fork Rd in South Park Township, PA. Just after dark we noticed what looked like flashlights descending the hill on the opposite shore of the small third-order stream. The hill is particularly steep and would not be anyone’s chosen route to the bottom of the hill, especially since there’s a bike trail atop the hill with a trailhead within sight from there. It became weird once we couldn’t see any of the people who would be carrying the lights, nor did we hear anything or anyone walking down the forested slope. I remember seeing four different lights, which somewhat resembled incandescent flashlights, only as they seemed to get closer there were no flashlight beams shining through any of the trees. These lights appeared to only ill! uminate a very localized area of leaves in front of them. Also, as they grew closer, one would be near the top of the hill again, their beam also unnaturally contained. My cousin and I got a little freaked out and walked to the road near my truck, only about fifty yards away through a small patch of riparian forest. We gathered our thoughts and decided to head back down to the creekside. “After all,” we said, “who cares who those people are, we aren’t on private property.”

As we approached the creek it looked as though the “people” had finally reached the bottom of the hill near the water. My cousin had grabbed my 12-volt spotlight and a portable power pack from the truck and he shined all 20-million candlepower toward them, trying to see who they were and also as a type of passive intimidation tactic since we had no idea of the visitors’ intentions. After all, they had just chosen the most difficult way possible down the hill, which no s ane person would do in any normal c! ase. We got to the streambank and stood on the small beach. There was nobody there. After seeing the lights only moments before near the creek, nothing, nobody in sight. We were now even more freaked out. It felt as though they were hiding under cloak of darkness stalking us or something. Thinking we may be at the mercy of a team of psychopaths or something, we stood there quiet and in total darkness, no flashlights, just listening. As we stood there a township police car drove up to where I had parked, stopped and shined their spotlight on the vehicle and into the woods toward us. They wouldn’t have been able to see us if they wanted to anyway because of where we were at. The light went out and it appeared as though the police cruiser had parked and shut off their headlights. We assumed they were coming over to investigate or something. So a sense of both relief and irritation set in, because we now thought that maybe the lights were other police officers instead of killers. We also were kinda pissed because we were about to be harassed by so! me bored rural policemen for no reason…. But then I saw the police car cross the small bridge right upstream of our location and continue up the road. It was puzzling. We assumed there must have been two cars or something originally but one had left…. So we stood there, making sure to talk so they’d know where we were and that we weren’t a threat. But no flashlights, no footsteps in the woods. Suddenly the whole energy changed around us, and a very unsettling feeling overcame me. Mike also conveyed his feeling of unease. We stood there, and I heard maybe two very small sticks crack in the woods. There was also a beam of orangeish light shining down the streambank from the road up near the bridge, as if someone was looking for someone or something. But we hadn’t seen anyone leave the woods and it had been a long enough time since seeing the police car that the cops would have made their presence known, even if they had tried sneaking up on us. At precisely that moment, we sa! id screw this and gathered our stuff so we could dip outta the! re as fa st as possible. Still thinking that we were now surrounded by possible killers or freaks we walked to the road with the spotlight on full blast just in case someone had tried hiding, planning to pounce on us. But nobody was around. Just us. We put our things in the back of the Blazer, shined the spotlight around quickly, and were getting in the truck when the same lights appeared in the woods right where they had originally been. Only there was also a very bright yellow ball of light over there as well, in the treetops. Then one more, an orange-lighted craft or orb, whatever it was flew across the road clearing about a quarter mile in front of us and probably no more than 200 feet off the ground.. We were frantic. We high-tailed it outta there as fast as we could! After leaving we drove up the road and stopped in a random neighborhood cul-de-sac off of Connor Rd. What appeared to be a formation of some type was to the left of the very bright half-crescent moon. It was comprised of singular, small lights but covered a very large area of the sky, not across but upward. The lights appeared as though they were stars, only they were red. I think they may have been trying to camouflage themselves in the sky amongst some real stars because not all of them were odd, just a handful. We sat there and caught our breath. Right before we were about to drive away my cousin pointed out a small white light in a tree near someone’s house. I didn’t see it as anything more than a high-mounted exterior light. So we didn’t really give it too much more thought. It may or may not have been an orb, who knows...We ended up stopping in Finleyville for cigarettes, then drove toward home. As we passed an old chapel/cemetery, Mike had a sudden urge to stop there ! for some reason. It’s weird because I had thought of it while still in Finleyville but didn’t say anything. The place we stopped is called “James Chapel and Cemetery”, and is located at one of the highest points for miles looking north. The top of Pittsburgh’s UPMC building is even visible. That’s a pretty far view for this area due to the topography. Anyway, we ended up sitting in the cemetery behind the church under the moonlight. The atmosphere was actually very comforting and serene, a welcome contrast to what we had been experiencing ever since leaving Piney Fork. Just being there felt safe and mellow. We ended up sitting in that old cemetary for a couple of hours. The vibes were good there, a peaceful oasis in the center of pure madness. It seemed as though the church had some type of repellant effect on them. We were still able to see many orb-like lights in the sky, but many more were either in the semi-distant treetops, along the power lines, and especially in the! area where we had come from. We were able to clearly see acro! ss the P iney Fork and Peters Creek Valleys from there. The amount of unexplained lights in that valley was astonishing. They were either white, orange, or yellowish in color. While sitting there I witnessed one of the orange lights split into two separate orange lights in the treetops. There were also some that would pulsate, becoming very bright for awhile, then dim, and sometimes even not visible, as if their lights faded out how a bad wire connection would fade out. They all did their things for varying amounts of time. The oddest part of our experience near this chapel and in the cemetery was how the orbs that had been moving seemingly became “frozen” in place or something. None of them came anywhere remotely close to us or even moved at all for that matter. Only pulsating, vanishing, or splitting as the one did.

Once we left we took a different way home. We ended up seeing some nice things someone had left out for the trash, possibly a cleanout or something. So we stopped to look through it. This was about three miles from the chapel, at the intersection of Scheinbach Rd. and Bedell Rd. in Jefferson Hills, PA. In being a very rural area, it is very uncommon for people to leave stuff by the side of the road like that. After looking through the many things that were there, probably 10 minutes after arrival, the unmistakeable sound of the jet engine suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Exactly the sound we had heard coming from the light over the pond the previous morning. Although very quiet, the engine’s sound just filled the whole valley. We were out in the sticks after all. I couldn’t find the source, looking all around, sky, woods, fields….. But he spotted the source. I asked “where is it?” Mike replied “you don’t even wanna know. Like really, dude. You don’t… Do you?” Of course I sa! id “yes, where is it?!!” He walked me over about 10 feet and pointed. “Right there”, he said. Much to my surprise it was closer than I even imagined it would come. It was a white light, very white, hovering within the woods, behind the branches of a silver maple tree directly across the road, no more than 50-75 feet away. Needless to say we dipped outta there quick! We ended up going home and didn’t see anything else that night.