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Occurred : 9/19/2016 22:00 (Entered as : 09/19/16 22:00)
Reported: 9/27/2016 5:53:23 PM 17:53
Posted: 9/30/2016
Location: Saucier, MS
Shape: Light
Duration:3-4 hours
Several white lights along with one orange light 5 nights in a row. Made impossible movements with quick moving and sudden stops.

Beginning on the night of 9/19/16, a large orange light appeared stationary to the south of my home. It appeared approximately 2 or 3 times the size of a regular star & had a light orange glow. It would move very quickly in a direction and then come to an immediate stop and become stationary. There were also 2 white lights to the west of the orange light making similar movements. This continued until one white light slowly moved to the southwest until out of sight, then the 2nd white light moved west until out of sight, and the orange light moved south until out of sight after about 3 hours of hovering in the same area of the sky.

These same lights came back to the same area for the next 4 days and did the same things.

The 2nd & 3rd night the orange light wasnt as large as the 1st night because I believe it was a little higher altitude or farther from me. The 3rd night after the 3 lights began to move away I noticed a large white sparkling light coming from the Northwest towards my property. It then stopped and began with the same movements and sudden stops as the others. The 4th night the orange light was larger again and there were several more of the white lights, I recall probably 6 or 7, that were in all directions in the sky. Each night the was an unusual amount of planes that kept flying in the general area of the orange light. My property may get the random plane, but this was 7-12 planes per night. The last night I was out watching it was a crystal clear night. Not a cloud in the sky. I noticed a strangely shaped "cloud" to the northeast right above my property. There was a large white orb shaped light moving around in the "cloud" and it began changing strange colors as the orb moved. It eventually went completely dark. I will send the video I took of this incident because it seemed to be the strangest of all. Nights 5 & 6 were cloudy,so I plan to go and see if there is any activity going on tonight. I have been a skeptic my entire life so I hope this sighting is tak en seriously. I work in law enforcement and unless I was absolutely sure of what I saw I wouldn't have submitted this.

Thank you for all your work you do and I hope this is helpful data.