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Occurred : 12/22/2014 18:38 (Entered as : 12/22/2014 18:38)
Reported: 10/27/2016 11:47:00 AM 11:47
Posted: 10/27/2016
Location: Fresno, CA
Shape: Chevron
Duration:1 minute
large dark craft, chevron-shaped, no lights, no sound, no windows, geometrically sharp edges.

Large chevron shaped craft, no lights and completely silent I was outside on my balcony at around 6:40PM on a cold evening in December looking at objects in the sky through my telescope. There was a moon above and wispy clouds, and the night was exceptionally clear. I was late for a dinner date, but I wanted to get as much observing as I could before I left, so I was just about to go inside and I stood up and walked backwards to my balcony door, still looking at the clear night and stars. My balcony door was propped open to my living room and the lights were dim, I was at the door threshold when I saw a distinct shape, like a chevron, or delta-winged shape, it looked like a hang-glider. I said to myself, “cool, a hang-glider”, and I went inside. I stopped and said to myself, “why is there a hang-glider flying? Where did he jump from?” it is flat in Fresno until the foothills about 11 miles away. I went back on the balcony and the craft was right in the middle of the square of Pegasus constellation and the wingspan was almost as wide ! as the diagonal stars across the square. I estimate that the craft was about 800 to 1200 feet in altitude, completely silent, no lights and was moving at a slow pace. It looked as though it was moving back and forth, or left and right as if it were scanning the area, it was low enough to see that there were no windows, the color of it looked as though it was changing from black, charcoal grey and the color shapes were not clear and seemed to be matte, no reflections of any sort. I tried to make out an insignia, a logo, an American military branch, an identifiable anything, there was nothing. The craft seemed to have an underbelly of some sort, like a rounded belly with no other shapes or cutouts that looked like landing gear. The edges of the craft were geometrical and sharp, like a wedge cut around at 45 degrees, it moved right over my head and from west to east towards the foothills and slightly north. The craft flew over me and it was in my view for approximately 30 seco! nds to a minute. I kept repeating to myself, “what the F*** is! that? w hat the f**k is that? What the f*** is that?!”, over and over again. I knew that my camera was just inside and it had been charging all night and I wanted to grab it, but I didn’t want to blink and I wanted to ‘see’ this thing as long as I could. I grabbed a notepad and pen that I use when observing and immediately started to draw what I was seeing. There were two people outside, one walking their dog and another throwing trash, but I didn’t alert them, I just noticed that they had no idea that a large craft was flying just over head.

I estimate that the wingspan was about the size of a football field in width at the height that it was flying. It seemed to glide in the air, perfectly and parallel to the ground and never tilted so much as a degree, it flew in a straight line at a slow steady pace. Slower than an airplane would fly and faster than a hang-glider would, but it seemed to float or glide through the air. High enough to push little wispy clouds out of its path, if the moon was not out, I don’t think I would have been able to see the craft as it reflected hardly any light and seemed to absorb light. It flew over a baseball field about a half mile away and the high-voltage lights were on and I could then see that the craft’s underbelly was lower than I thought and that the craft’s shape was just a thin line. I then ran to retrieve my camera and I thought to myself, “I bet this thing won’t work”, like every UFO reenactment that I have seen on television. I turned it on, and the camera was dead in th! e water, no lights, no sounds, no nothing, dead battery. So I continued to observe it as it disappeared in the horizon.

I was shocked by my reaction of seeing an unidentified craft, my first and very up-close and personal, I was excited, but at the same time, I was in total fear of what I was witnessing. It brought tears to my eyes that something this ubiquitous could fly directly over Fresno, at rush hour during Christmas season and shopping, fairly low and whomever is piloting this craft, was so blatant and not worried if anyone could see that this craft was something like no other. To me the craft looked as though it was unpiloted, maybe remotely piloted like a drone, it seemed to be scanning the area and moved in such a way that seemed to be autonomous or artificially controlled with GPS or machine logic. After it was gone and out of sight, I was frightened and shocked, concerned and worried that it could be ours, or one of theirs, perhaps an invasion, or reconnaissance before the military strike. I held back tears, and I thought of turning the camera on again to see if it worked, I flipp! ed the ‘on’ switch and the camera lit up ready to shoot, that is when I started to cry realizing that there are things in this world that are kept from us, and I believed in all the conspiracies and every UFO sighting. I was enraged and sad that we are kept from knowing this technology, what else is out there that we don’t know that could possibly harm us? Whatever this thing was, it was magnificent and huge, black, silent, had no lights and stealthy enough to fly over Fresno, CA in the bustle of Christmas season and only one person, myself actually saw it flying overhead.

I am hoping that this craft was one of our own military’s and that it is online to protect our urban areas from threats from any enemies. I have the drawings that I made and detailed maps of its trajectory. As a crow flies, it was headed directly towards Area 51 in Nevada, which is very close to Fresno, CA if you look on a map, any crafts that fly out of there, would fly right over Fresno to get to the ocean to do any maneuvers, over Fresno is the shortest route. I hesitated writing this report because I thought I was delusional, but after seeing all of the reports of a similar craft in this area, I thought I would add my event sighting to the database so that everyone can read and maybe someone else thinks they are seeing things, but I saw what I saw, and I can’t explain what it was.