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Occurred : 11/21/2016 18:00 (Entered as : 11/21/16 18:00)
Reported: 11/22/2016 4:30:40 AM 04:30
Posted: 12/5/2016
Location: Fountain Hill, AR
Shape: Light
Duration:3+ hours everynight
Around 6pm each night towards west, before sunset a bright white light appears, its so bright it radiates and emits a halo appearance, last night it was closer again, tried to capture better pictures, the light in the object appears to be moving rapidly like pulsations, it does not shine a light, but has light radiating from it. Various auras of color could be seen it it last night. It had a red glow coming from underneath the bright white light. The white light appeared to take shape of a Y and at time +, and T. There is a shape form, and the light seems to be coming from the center, it appeared to have an oval appearance, because i could make out something from under the light last night, maybe due to the red luminating light observed. The light does change, from 6 to 8pm its usually mainly white, it will disappear around that time, but it reappears shortly and is usually higher,with the light having turned to another color, i have seen it hot pink, dim white with red hue, and deep intense ted. The light changes shape, and appears different closer up than it does further away. This object hovers around, and can be seen over tree tops, there is a clear cut area infront of my home and it appeared to be in that area and on my property last night. It usually is seen on south end of property initially, it has no specific patterns in movement. It has been close enough my camera would focus on it. It was lower last night and looked as if it may have went to ground for several hours, i would see the light through the trees. Ive never seen it go that low before,its usually higher,or just above tree tops. My dogs act very strange when it is close. They actually ran to the woods barking, later one ran back and went into dog house whimpering while the other 2 which had went into the woods became comepletely silent, and disappeared for for an unknown amount of time. Ive gotten tired of not knowing what this is, its been appearing for ov! er a week now, and can be seen all through night. I have gotte! n up and seen it at 2 am and even 3 am, different color later in night, such as dim,red,or hot pink. Not radiating light like it does from 6 to 8 pm. It looked either diamond shaped or oval shaped, the light is so bright its hard to tell. I have seen brighter light flashes maybe? Within it, and streaks of light ate captured on camera, and my phone camera. Im not sure what to set my camera on to maybe capture better pictures. Im just ready for it to stop coming, this is freaking me out, its very weird outside when its close, things go silent then dogs go crazy. No nature noises. The object does not make any noises or sounds,im so done with its a drone with a light, it is not. Its not a weather balloon, or airplane. However it is difficult to actually tell how big it is, or how far it actuallt is at times, i can only judge by how the light appears which illuminates from it. It may have actually went to ground last night, with bright white light, and red light coming from underneath it! . It was close enough i took a picture from my cell phone standing in my front door.