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Occurred : 11/19/2016 05:05 (Entered as : 11/19/16 5:05)
Reported: 11/25/2016 2:40:22 PM 14:40
Posted: 12/5/2016
Location: Obernburg, NY
Shape: Cylinder
Duration:5 minutes
long cylinder traveling slow.

I looked out my bedroom window (faces north) around 5:05AM Nov 19, 2016, and saw two super brilliant whitish/blue stars next to each other, they were much brighter than anything else in the sky. While I'm looking at these stars I realize, I've never seen these stars before, and quickly reached for my binoculars. In the time I grabbed my binoculars (maybe 15-20 seconds) and turned back both “stars” brightness began to dim substantially as if on a dimmer switch. The rest of the stars in the sky stayed at normal intensity so it was not a passing cloud.

All of a sudden, these “ stars” began to move very slowly and I saw through the binoculars each “star” was at the end of a very long dark cylindrical object. The soundless object slowly moved towards the west/southwest and out of view from my window. I ran outside and couldn't find it but there were pine trees and mountain blocking the western part of the sky the where object was headed.

Maybe 1 minute later, I saw what I believe is the ISS, or some other fast moving satellite, fairly high in the sky and traveling from the northwest going towards east/ southeast. It should have crisscrossed paths with the object I saw. I was back in the house by 5:16AM.