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Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/11/1995 00:30 (Entered as : 9/11/95 00:30)
Reported: 12/6/2016 6:22:33 PM 18:22
Posted: 12/15/2016
Location: Groton, CT
Shape: Triangle
Duration:1 hour
Immense triangular craft moving 20mph over Groton, CT, and Montauk, LI, NY, at least 1 mi wide.

I was participating on a research project for the U.S. Coast Guard Research & Development Center. They were testing various types of IR and LASER detection systems for nighttime use, which comprised large professional tripod-mounted cameras and long tele lenses. The equipment was located in a shelter built on top of the tallest building on the university campus, a 4-story brick building. My role was to act as target. I was in a 25-ft fiberglass sloop with outboard engine. I was given a series of waypoints which I spent approx 10-15 min at each point, long enough for changes in engine heat signatures to be observed. There were about 10 waypoints located 1 mi apart beginning about 2 miles from shore, going directly south across Long Island Sound toward Montauk. At 10 miles I was located approx halfway between Montauk and Groton/New London. It was after midnight, possibly 2AM. It was warm (about 70 deg), and a cloudless starry night. Only the tallest! brightest lights from Groton could be seen, no lights were visible from Long Island.

I observed a distinct 'lack of stars' overhead. I then noticed several lights along the edges of what appeared as a huge triangle. The lights were red, green and blue but did not conform to typical navigation lights of aircraft. I have extensive military and aviation experience, this was not an aircraft. It moved directly overhead from on shore at approx 20 miles per hour. As it's approx 20 miles between Groton and L.I., I observed the craft for nearly 1 hr, before losing it over the horizon. It was totally silent. It blocked out about 1/3rd of the sky. If my estimate of its height was wrong and it was higher in altitude, then it would be even larger. I could not make out any details of its design or construction, other than its shape.

This may conform to an FAA reported radar target observed over Groton on 9/11. Unfortunately although there is a regional airport at Groton, with approach radar, their tower is not manned after 9pm. This craft may have been only 2 miles from the airport at closest approach.

I am attempting to coordinate this sighting with radar data from Providence, RI, and Bradbury, CT, as well as USCG records from the RD&C during the imaging test.

At the time this occurred I was too shaken up and afraid to follow up.

((NUFORC Note: Source of report indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. PD))