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Occurred : 12/12/2016 18:50 (Entered as : 12/12/16 18:50)
Reported: 12/12/2016 4:58:54 PM 16:58
Posted: 12/15/2016
Location: West Collingswood, NJ
Shape: Sphere
Duration:~1 minute
There were 2 red light sphere shaped craft over the West Collingswood/Oakllyn area.

The craft were scene by my wife first. We live in the flight path of PHL and see aircraft on a regular basis. I also fly in medevac helicopters. These were neither and had no engine noise. They were in formation aprox. 500 meters apart moving very slowly southwest. Both craft were light with red lights. I want to say 4 of them on each. They were not blinking and not navigation lights.

I reached for my phone and tried to capture video of them, but hit the still frame button instead of the video key. I looked up from the phone and caught a red streak shot directly upwards and out of view. There was light cloud cover, but none in the area were the craft disappeared. There was a commercial flight making an approach coming from east to west. There was also a few aircraft in the distance with flashing nav lights. I could also see a plan at high altitude leaving a contrail. That is how clear that area of the sky was. The moon was not full, but bright in the sky. My friends have drone and these were definitely not them.