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Occurred : 12/15/2016 05:37 (Entered as : 12/15/16 05:37)
Reported: 12/15/2016 10:17:20 PM 22:17
Posted: 12/21/2016
Location: Ozark, AL
Shape: Unknown
Duration:20 seconds
It looked like a plane moving slowly in the sky, until the light began the get smaller and smaller then it was completely gone!

Outside talking to a friend, looking up at the sky watching for helicopter I had heard. Then I saw what at first I thought was an airplane/airline jet, but was constantly questioning the altitude, looked high. It was moving about jet speed, but only had a bright light. Sorta resembled a small star, as I was watching it makes its way across the sky in a straight line, it suddenly started getting smaller. That is when I noticed it was getting smaller because it was leaving, literally. Reminded me of a light disappearing at the end of the tunnel and being gone. I was telling him how I was in complete disbelief about it, but it did happen.