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Occurred : 12/19/2016 18:30 (Entered as : 12/19/2016 18:30)
Reported: 12/19/2016 4:55:44 PM 16:55
Posted: 12/21/2016
Location: Huber Heights, OH
Shape: Cylinder
Duration:1 hour
Entire family sees very large, stationary, bright light in the night sky which simply disappears all at once.

While looking out of my front door, I noticed a very large and bright light within my peripheral vision. At first, it slowly moved, but then seemed to stop and hover in the night sky. Thinking that it would change, I stared for quite a long time after having called my husband and children to look as well. My entire family was mesmerized at what they saw because of the brightness of it and yet it did not move. We called our local Air Force base [Wright Patterson, Dayton, Ohio] in which the officer asked my husband if he had been drinking? However, after much convincing, he then gave us 2 numbers to report a UFO. And then after about an hour, the object simply disappeared with a quickness.