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Occurred : 12/18/2016 20:40 (Entered as : 12/18/2016 20:40)
Reported: 12/20/2016 5:20:59 PM 17:20
Posted: 12/21/2016
Location: Bend, OR
Shape: Other
Duration:1 minute
Large fleet of lights flying together in unity across the sky over Bend Oregon

Spotted in the sky from the far north at 8:40 pm pacific standard time on Dec 18, 2016, several witnesses viewed what looked like bright white dots, very high, possibly 30-40 thousand AGL, moving in formation of what appeared to be a “Sickle” or half moon, in unison, at a very high rate of speed from the far North to the far South. No noise at all. Event took approximately 30-45 sec across a clear sky for around 30 miles until disappeared (unobserved) until objects were completely out of sight.

The objects were star sized and it was definitely a fleet formation the thing that was apparent was that they moved together flawlessly spaced apart. There was no sharp moves just a straight over flight moving extremely fast. The Picture below is still to much like a V but the flight pater was like a cycle or half moon and moving in unity spaced equally apart. No smoke trails, no noise, blinking light, just white lights about the size of stars flying fast. The sky! was clear.