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Occurred : 12/29/2016 21:30 (Entered as : 12/29/16 21:30)
Reported: 12/29/2016 11:12:20 PM 23:12
Posted: 12/30/2016
Location: Davenport, WA
Shape: Fireball
Duration:3 minutes
It was 21:30, when my sister, mom, and I were sitting in the living room. My mom was watching some show on her laptop when she looked over. She had noticed a bright, very bright red thing. It was red like Rudolph's nose. It was east looking over my neighbor's house.

We crowded around the window staring at it. The object was higher than our neighbors', but just was there. Not moving up or down but was just there. We stared at it for 3:00 min., not doing anything, because we didn't know what we were looking at.

“Take a picture.” My mom said, quickly. I snapped a shot with flash mode on, not realizing. I tried to get another picture, but it disappeared. It like began fading into the darkness of night. The size you could tell was big