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Occurred : 1/2/2017 17:30 (Entered as : 01/02/17 17:30)
Reported: 1/3/2017 1:05:43 AM 01:05
Posted: 1/6/2017
Location: Dickinson, TX
Shape: Formation
White-green-orange "fire balls" forming triangluar formation's, etc..

INTRODUCTION: As witnessed once before on 05-04-2012 at approx. 2225 hours by myself (see report submitted 05/13/2012 – Santa Fe, Texas) under the same ideal circumstances, while on my way to work as a police officer in Galveston, Texas, I see these strange lights in the eastern sky again.

DETAILS: As stated above, it was after dark at approx. 7:30 P.M. While on my way to work an extra (side) job this time as a police officer from my home 23 miles away. I have watched the sky's ever since the first time I saw these things, perplexed for the longest time and wondering if I'd ever see them again? There's a whole lot of increased air traffic than ever before these days including military being this close to N.A.S.A. and the commercial air ports, etc. in and around Houston, Texas, which is what's always draws my attention especially after dark. This is what initially got my attention tonight, more than usual of which I was able to tell the difference between fixed wing air craft and helicopter's circling and crisscrossing the night sky in a grid search like pattern would be the only way I could put it? As if they were obviously attempting to either identify, locate, photograph, video, intercept, engage if necessary/even possible, or even perhaps the source themselves for these strange lights? I'm not saying they were, however I strongly suspect said air craft seeking out these strange lights were of our military in nature rather than commercial? Especially regarding the recent crash 3-5 days ago of one of The U.S. Army's Apache I believe it was, Helicopter's , killing the only two Air National Guardsmen aboard, either in The Galveston Bay or The Gulf itself I cant recall at this time? I have yet to follow up on whats to be known of that? One of several flying routine patrol's it appears post 911 and awful low along the edge's of The Gulf at night as if they're either expecting or suspecting something? I was on a different road way (State Highway 517 in Dickinson) this time, the next town to the north of Santa Fe but parallel's High Way 1764 regarding where I saw the strange lights in 2012. Trying to pay attention to my driving and watch the night sky's at the same time in scanning the south eastern sky's at, about, or over The Gu! lf of Mexico, BAM! There they were again. Only this time I was! some wh at prepared. I had a camera in the car for this very reason of which I will work on getting a copy of a 55 second some what decent video to you at N.U.F.O.R.C., you tube, etc. if I can the first chance I get .

DISCRIPTION OF STRANGE LIGHTS: The only thing different regarding these strange “orbs of light” - “fire balls”, etc. were the formation and color. As personally seen before and by hundred's of others world wide it seems, were some of the very same “orange” in color. This time, they appeared predominantly all white, to green and orange forming two separate triangular in nature type pattern's of 5 each with approx. another 8-9 that I could count from the video I took scattered about all of which, acting in what has become an all too familiar way as described, photographed, videoed, etc. in the way they come and go and distinct formations. I personally am so tired of seeing and/or hearing main stream media and other obstructionist type individuals all to often willing to write something off they can not easily explain away as these stupid “Chinese Lantern's”, "flare's" of some sort, etc. being the reason why I took the time in constructing and submitting this report. I feel safe in stating in what we do know is, THIS IS NOT, what they are, period. Something definitely appears to be going on whether meant to be secretive in nature or not in these strange lights showing themselves and frequency cited since 2012 in the "well written article" linked to this home page.

DISPOSITION: Supplemental information forthcoming.