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Occurred : 12/6/2016 22:30 (Entered as : 12/06/16 22:30)
Reported: 1/7/2017 6:57:10 PM 18:57
Posted: 1/12/2017
Location: Binghamton, NY
Shape: Flash
Duration:2 minutes
3 periodic neon blue flashes lighting up entire night sky. Each time the electicity went out. Incident lasted under 5 mins.

On December 6, 2016, at approx 10pm or 11pm 4 Separate households housing 5 witnesses and 2 witnesses sitting outside in a motor vehicle saw the ENTIRE night sky change into a neon blue flash 3 times in a row. I would compare the flash to lightening, very bright, very blue, very vast and without a strike or thunder. Three residence are each a several miles in proximity to each other, and certainly not walking distance. They are too far from each each other for this to have been a simple transformer malfunction and it is no exaggeration that the ENTIRE sky lit up neon blue. The two people in the car were sitting outside of one of the residence. This happened as follows: -The entire night sky became a brief Neon flash accompanied by a vibration (felt by one household) a loud humming (heard by another household)and immediately following the flash the electricity went out. This was experienced by each witness that was at home. After about 15-20 seconds the elect! ric returned. 20 seconds after that the sky flashed neon blue again and the exact things were heard and felt and the electric again went out in the entire area, for approx 15 seconds and then came back on. The third time it happened, which was about 10 seconds later, the lights were off for even lesser of a time, maybe 5 seconds. Each time it seemed as though the flashes and the length of time between flashes and time the electric stayed off and took to come back on got shorter. I myself expected there to be a write up about it in the newspaper the next day. NOTHING. Nothing on the news. One observers house rests way up upon a hill overlooking the entire city. It has giant glass windows in the 'great room'. He said he was fortunate enough to see it happen and view all of the lights in the city area that he is able to see, which is quite large, go out each time the sky flashed. He also stated that he saw no object in the sky and that the blue light WAS the entire sky and tha! t the blue flash did not appear to have an epicenter. The following day, December 7, 2016, I contacted New York State Electric and Gas and they told me they had no record of ANY power outages in the area what so ever for the date of December 6, 2016, in Binghamton, NY.

(Description of background of observers: #1 whom also heard the loud hum, is a college educated 54 year old female Medical Record Tech. Mother of 2, Grandmother of 7. Has large bedroom window overlooking a small field and then the river. She leaves curtains open due to nice view. #2 and #3 Stay at home mom 26 years old and her 7 year old son, she felt the strong vibration. I am unclear if her son felt the vibration as well, but he came out of his room to tell his mom about the light but she had already seen it. The power outage had interrupted his gaming and he saw the light through black colored room darkening curtains. #4 Successful business owner, 29 year old married male, father of 2. Owns two homes and a business. He saw the incident from atop of the hill overlooking the city. #5 and #6 The two witnesses that were sitting in the is unclear of their background. They were picking up a child from his mothers house. When witness #2 went outside to look around witnes! s #5 and #6 got out of their car and talked to her about what they saw and what could possibly have happened. #7 Neighbor of #1, unclear of background but he did ask me (#1) the follow day after the incident if I had "seen the blue sky flashes and did your lights go out?".

I would be interested in more information from your experts if available. Thank You.