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Occurred : 7/21/2013 21:45 (Entered as : 07-21-13 21:45)
Reported: 2/13/2017 6:32:41 PM 18:32
Posted: 2/17/2017
Location: Dorval (Canada), QC
Shape: Light
Duration:days, weeks, not sure

As per usual, I was on my balcony having a late dinner, still keeping an eye out for these lights I had seen some 10 days prior.

As i looked up, dozens flew overhead, flying much lower than last time, they came from behind my line of sight in a west to east direction, three or four at a time, this seemed to be their standard formation, I noted about a dozen or so, while they did not make a sound, it was almost as if they were humming. Perhaps some similarity can be drawn to how lightning "makes" thunder. Regardless, I was excited, anxious, thinking of all the not too mentally well people claiming to have seen similar things. In my own paranoia I thought, "hey maybe it's a government op, like some sort of fake alien contact type of thing to control the masses with red herrings and distract the populace from something bigger?" while this may and well may have been plausible at the time, this concept would be doubtful in later days.

The 24th of july 2013 it happened again, this time, it was dozens, flying in formation, sort of like a line, or a flock of geese, but closer to a weak semi-circle with one aircraft in front and two behind the formation. I went from counting the lights to counting the dozens, and as i did, the sky would be covered with another type, more of a gaggle, in which they were maybe upper 30s to lower 60s, flying much faster, and these formations were stratified, some flying at much higher altitudes, and this went on for several minutes, maybe 20 or so, where I estimated well over 2000 lights, and the adrenaline had worn off, i went inside, had a beverage, walked downstairs and out of my apartment, towards the park where this was still ongoing, and then i noticed that even MORE were flying at an even higher altitude, possibly in the upper atmosphere but keeping pace. Now i thought to myself, if this was some secret government project, then they were doing a horrible job at secrecy. m! y theory of foreign governments testing NORAD response times was gone, so gone. and after a while I decided to go home, I worked about an hour away and had to be there at 7 in the morning. and went to sleep while stragglers were still passing overhead. my initial count of 2000+ was way off, my estimate put it probably above 10,000 but, honestly, its a moot point to try and estimate.

I was an air cadet in my youth, that type of flying, if it can be called that, takes logistics and co-ordination.

That summer, I had witnessed them fly over maybe 10-30 times, honestly I don't remember, Once or twice I was waiting for a bus and staring up at a busy station feeling like an imbecile and someone also looked up and seemed somewhat puzzled, but it didn't get quite the reaction. At least on two occasions, possibly a few more, my father or sister had stopped by and I had shown them the lights, typically passing around 10pm eastern time. always in a west to east fashion. they were unsure what to make of it, a bit awed, words like "I don't want to know." and "freaky!" were used. but a piece of my sanity returned to me.

Sometimes they flew really close to aircraft, I was quite concerned, Sometimes they would appear only a few moments after an aircraft took off.

At one point I was no longer phased by seeing a group of three or four fly overhead, or over my head maybe only (if not under) 150 feet high as i was gathering groceries nearby. I saw them again the following year, mostly in the summer time when having a cigarette isn't an out-and-in affair.

And, for a time, I concluded, even if it weren't the case, that it was best to pay it little or no consideration, that, it could me electro-magnetic phenomena from seismic activity.

But then it all changed, how i allowed myself to perceive them as non-sentient, birds, sun spot anomalies, etc. that concept shattered for me on the 21st of october 2015, when they flew again overhead, this time flying in the formation of a question mark, it took me a few seconds to grasp, since, typically they only flew in lines or loose gaggles, and then some more passed, and, then they flew in the shape of a stick figure holding his arm up, waving as I casually did earlier, and with a humanoid face, an elongated, grey-alien type face in dot-matrix. maybe because it's an archetype, but, that would indicate they know of it, communicated with us, read our message boards. Humans perhaps? tens of thousands of drones don't come cheap for a thrill of disrupting international airports and waving at people on a balcony for several dozen evenings, there would be some sort of hearing, someone would get sacked. I have not yet seen any "men in black" or any of that.

One time, I was responding to an email from my mother about these lights, and felt the urge to go outside, and there they were, conveniently.

Never had i felt threatened, many thoughts coursed over their possible intentions, capacities, perhaps we are an open-air safari and they're simply visiting the great apes.

At times I recorded them on my iphone, I did not have a filter so they are not visible, I may have kept the files, attempted to amplify the contrast, etc. to no avail. The last ones i saw, were this summer, 2016 possibly late august. I no longer live in the area and winter is keeping me generally indoors, not much time to star gaze.