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Occurred : 2/16/2017 23:30 (Entered as : 02/16/2017 23:30)
Reported: 2/20/2017 6:34:51 PM 18:34
Posted: 2/22/2017
Location: Johnson City, NY
Shape: Oval
Duration:2 seconds
Bright fast long oval Aqua light in the night sky.

February 16 2017 at about 11:30pm EST I was sitting in our living room getting ready to watch television and out our front door an aqua light drew my attention. The light lasted only about two seconds. It was very bright but, hazy/fuzzy on the edges, but that could have been due to clouds. It was oval shaped and from my perspective about an inch big up in the sky (not sure how to explain it), it was almost as big as when you look at the moon. I saw it for only the two seconds and it disappeared, not like an airplane flying and the light was too big for an airplane. I would guess it was only about 2 miles up in the sky and going left to right. It was the south west moving north west at a slight degree upward. It was not like fireworks. It was just a bright aqua light. I jumped from my chair to look closer and it was gone. The light just stopped, it didn't burn out or fly away and get smaller. It was there really bright for about two seconds then j! ust stopped.