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Occurred : 2/17/2017 18:00 (Entered as : 02/17/17 18:00)
Reported: 2/22/2017 7:43:48 AM 07:43
Posted: 2/22/2017
Location: Edmonton (Canada), AB
Shape: Light
Duration:20 minutes
Strange Lights over Edmonton's northern skies [dusk].

We came out of McDonald's when I was drawn toward a bright light, high in the norther sky. I had seen this kind of light before ... I guess that was why I was looking up there. Venus was visible already [it was pre-dusk] high in the south-west - and that light in the northern sky had about the same magnitude than Venus did that evening. As we drove home -about a 10 minute drive] we still saw that light, but it soon faded dramatically, only to split into two fainter lights, hovering above each other, then starting to 'dance' around each other [my daughter said 'they are playing tag']. When I ran inside to get the binoculars, the lights were gone ... as there never was anything up there.

Last evening [Februray 21] we saw the same thing again. Same time, same location, same brightness at first. This time I had binoculars at hand, and two neighbours witnessed it too [though, they dismissed it as balloons or something like that]. After waiting about 20 minutes, the light faded again and it split into many tinier lights. The binoculars revealed that the original light was donut shaped, and after fading, the smaller were just light dots, moving erratically, before shooting away in all directions with such speed I could not follow them with the binoculars. I also saw two, what looked like cloud-shapes among the seven tinier lights before they shot away.

I'd like to know what we all saw ... Thanks