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Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/19/2017 04:12 (Entered as : 03/19/17 4:12)
Reported: 3/6/2017 5:52:59 AM 05:52
Posted: 3/10/2017
Location: Londonderry, NH
Shape: Triangle
Duration:30 minutes
Trangle UFO hovers over house

The following report has been submitted by GreyStar Paranormal Institute on behalf of their client. The details of the following report have been formally submitted to GreyStar Paranormal Institute by the clients and an on camera interview and screening was conducted.

On the morning of February 19th, 2017, at 4:12am (witness #1) was on their front porch which faces the Manchester, New Hampshire, Airport located 2.5 miles in a straight line of sight from their front yard.

Witness #1 noticed lights that at first were thought to be just an ordinary airplane in the distance. (Witness #1) has lived at their current residence for several years and is very familiar with the air traffic and common flight paths used by the airport in the area.

The lights soon deviated from a seemingly typical course and started an approach to (witness #1’s) location. The distant lights of the object became increasingly bright (at least twice as bright as a normal aircraft) as described by (witness #1). At that point the witness left the front porch to wake his wife that was sleeping in their bedroom.

Upon waking his wife (witness #1) requested her to come outside to witness this unusual event.

Upon exiting their house to return to the front porch they notice that the lights were now just above the tree tops in their front yard making a slow descent, even closer to the tree tops, (witness #2) stated that the object was so close that it was almost touching the tree tops.

Both (witness #1) and his wife watched in amazement as the outline of a black Triangular silhouette hovered silently directly above their home coming to what seemed like a brief stop. They could clearly see the objects shape as it was slightly backlit by the aura of the soon to be breaking light of dawn, there were bright white lights on all 3 corners of the craft.

(witness #2) remarked that the object was totally silent not giving off any engine noises typically heard with normal aircraft. They did however, note that there was a slight whooshing sound present but not sounding like anything associated with any man-made objects.

(witness #2) also noted that they could feel a warmth coming from the object.

Both witnesses became frightened by this event unfolding just above their house. (witness #2) wrapped her arms around (witness #1) and she said she could feel his heart pounding from the excitement of the event as they stared at the craft in amazement and fear.

During this moment, the object went from hovering directly above their house to almost passing completely over their house as if there was a cut in the frame during the event being played out. The object seemingly hopped from one location to another without gliding as previously witnessed.

Both witnesses then reported that after noticing this glitch moment that they both became almost robotic in demeanor as if what they just witnessed was no longer important. The light of dawn had fully broken as if in one moment it was slightly getting light out to “it is now light out” in the next moment. Both witnesses could still see the object moving slowly over their house but instead of following the object that was heading towards their back yard both witnesses started to walk back into their house.

They both entered the home and made coffee, not talking about the event other than a few blurbs about how odd the whole thing was. They also reported that the whole event occurred in a matter of minutes but upon looking at the clock when entering the house they noted that it was now 4:45am and over 30 minutes had passed.

It wasn’t until later that evening both witnesses realized that what they experienced was highly unusual and they decided to report the incident a couple days later to the ufo-hunters website and then a couple days later they reported the incident to GreyStar Paranormal Institute.

This report is the result of the interview conducted by GreyStar. Photos of the location were taken. No physical evidence was gathered however, a physical examination of the witnesses was conducted and a full background history was gathered. The witnesses report that they have had unusual experiences in the past with strange occurrences and sightings of balls of light and odd animal behavior over the course of several years.

There have been unusual electronic disturbances in the home in regards to the function of cable boxes, cell phones, computers and other electronic devices. (witness #2) reported to GreyStar staff that a family member on (witness #1’s) side of the family has allegedly acknowledged the possibility that they have had encounters with ufos & extraterrestrials, this statement has yet to be confirmed however, follow up interviews will ensue to confirm this statement. If the statement is true and is confirmed, then that would mean that there could be a family history relating back to UFO sightings and alien encounters as common with lineage based UFO encounters.

The witnesses answered nearly 200 predesignated questions flawlessly and scored above average in authenticity. The witnesses showed genuine concern when recounting the events they had witnessed and they were outwardly disturbed by what they had experienced. It is in the opinion of the examiner that hypnotic regression be pursued.

When this idea was presented to the witnesses only one of them agreed. It is believed that the other witness is fearful of what they might remember and they have not been pressed further however, they have been given an open invitation to pursue hypnotic regression in the future.

GreyStar estimates from details given from in the description by the witnesses that the triangular UFO was approximately 60ft wide by 90ft long calculated by using google earth as a measuring tool.

This concludes our report to the National UFO reporting center. This report has been submitted as a means to cross reference future data for other local UFO sightings and to attempt to see if anyone else in the area witnessed anything unusual or similar on that morning.

The results of the of the yet to be conducted hypnotic regression may become available on the GreyStar Paranormal Institute website in the future if a release of such information is agreed upon by the clients and can be submitted to NUFORC for their records upon request if released by the clients.