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Occurred : 3/6/2017 19:50 (Entered as : 03/06/17 19:50)
Reported: 3/6/2017 12:50:35 PM 12:50
Posted: 3/10/2017
Location: Coalville (UK/England),
Shape: Light
Duration:~30 seconds
2 Bright Star-like objects near the Great Bear Constellation 6th March 2017 at 19:50 approx

2 bright star like objects one above the other appeared near to the Great Bear (or Plough) constellation. The lower of the objects was same apparent brightness as Venus, the upper of the objects approximately as bright as Jupiter. I didn't see them appear, I was photographing the seven sisters star cluster and was looking for something else to photograph when I saw these 2 objects - and being an amateur astronomer, I know that there are no bright objects in this location at this time of year.

I observed them for about 20 seconds - then thought I should snap a photograph, but my camera was mounted on my telescope. By the time I dismounted the camera from the scope, I looked up and saw the upper object disappear, followed by the lower object disappear approximately 2 seconds later.

These were not conventional aeroplanes, or satellites as they did not move and were completely static in the sky.

((NUFORC Note: Nice illustration provided by witness. We agree with the witness's comment above that no bright celestial objects are present in the northern sky. PD))