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Occurred : 3/12/2017 19:30 (Entered as : 03/12/17 19:30)
Reported: 3/14/2017 8:41:28 AM 08:41
Posted: 3/17/2017
Location: Paw Paw, MI
Shape: Light
Duration:4 minutes
Orange lights sighted over Paw Paw, Michigan 3/12/17

UFO report for 3/12/17, Paw Paw, Michigan My wife and I were leaving her fathers house about 7:25 PM (high clouds, no stars observed) I noticed a relatively bright orange light in the sky. It had no strobe visual, but it appeared to flicker some. I could hear no sound from it, and it was not moving significantly laterally, but it did appear to move closer to my location and then up before blinking out.

I stopped the car and got out. I began taking a video with my cell phone of the object which began to blink out. Then my wife said there were two more. I continued taking video, I thought. I then realized I had not hit the record button and immediatley did so to just catch the end of the two lights as they blinked out.

I looked at the area I thought they were over on Google Maps and it appears to be mostly wetlands. I thought they may be luminaries or drones, but not sure. They were high enough that luminaries would have been moving laterally with the wind at that altitude. Not sure what drones would have been doing out after dark, and why did they appear to rise at the end and then blink out. Not saying I know what they were, but I could come up with no explaination.