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Occurred : 12/3/2016 20:45 (Entered as : 12-3-2016 20:45)
Reported: 3/15/2017 7:44:42 AM 07:44
Posted: 3/17/2017
Location: Macomb, MI
Shape: Circle
Duration:3 hours
Bright Glowing orbs... get brighter then dimmer.. sometimes 3-4... glide back and forth

I've reported this sightings in the past. I don't believe it was on this site that I had reported it.. these lights have been showing up since November of 2014.. I have numerous cell phone videos of these glowing objects from the passed couple of years. I don't see a pattern to when they will show up but all last summer 2016 every couple days they would apear anywhere from 20 minutes to 2-3 hours hovering and at times all of a sudden another will appear (not as bright as the first one) right next to it or possibly more (have only ever seen 4 One time). They glow a white/orange color but when take binoculars and zoom in you get what seems like every single color illuminating (yes like a star) and here is where the star theory dies.... these objects HAVE been seen below the clouds... what is interesting is when first one appears it is always the brightest and dims then gets bright again and moves slowly gliding right to left... and when they leave it's just boom...GONE. (For whatever reason it is always the same exact location/spot it shows up to, then moves right or left from there) (Have videos)