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Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/17/2017 21:30 (Entered as : 03/17/2017 21:30)
Reported: 3/17/2017 10:10:09 PM 22:10
Posted: 3/23/2017
Location: Mandeville, LA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:6 seconds
Two orange orb/spheres witnessed separately, an hour apart, by two family members.

This is a report about two sightings an hour apart. As it is St. Patrick's Day, I would like to state that neither myself nor my mother drink or had taken any medications.

Tonight was an absolutely clear night, with no clouds or wind in this area, and very good view of the stars.

We had been out running errands and had a meal and as I was the driver today I had just dropped my mother off at her house and I stopped at the stop sign at the end of mom's block to make my turn and noticed to my east right about 9:30 pm an unusual colored light not to far off.

At first, I thought is it a helicopter, but the light wasn't red, it was a very bright orange, about the size of a large beach ball, perfectly illuminated all the way around, solid orange color. The orb/sphere sized light was traveling North towards my mom's house, so I rolled down my window to listen and there was no noise. It didn't resemble a plane, helicopter, Chinese lantern, drone or a balloon and was flying level about 300 to 400 feet over the treeline.

I reversed my car back to mom's house and as I pulled up into her driveway the orb/sphere disappeared over her house/neighbor's house (I probably witnessed the orb for a total of 10 seconds).

I got mom back outside (as she has seen this orange orb several years ago and reported it on this site then) and we watched the skies for about 10 minutes and did not see a thing other than planes passing high above. I went home and did not witness anything else on the ride home.

However, nearly one hour later, mom would have a second sighting. Mom forgot to bring and snailmail a couple of bills so she left to drop them off at the post office at around 10:25 pm. She gets to the corner stop sign (right where I witnessed the orb an hour earlier) and sees the exact same thing coming from the east. She stated that the bright orange light was about the size of large ball and was going from her east to the north and disappeared in the same way. She stated that it didn't come as close as her home but was further away. She also rolled her window down and never heard a sound. She also stated it wasn't a balloon, plane, helicopter and she didn't think it was a drone either. Neither one of us know what this orange light is.