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Occurred : 3/18/2017 19:00 (Entered as : 03/18/17 19:00)
Reported: 3/18/2017 11:55:00 PM 23:55
Posted: 3/23/2017
Location: Port Saint Lucie, FL
Shape: Sphere
Duration:3 minutes
I watched an orangish orb slowly move across the clear night sky for a period of time and then just disappeared.

I was staring eastward into the night sky from my home in Saint Lucie West, when a bright orange orb begins to cross the sky from north to south. I'd say it was approximately 45 degrees from the horizon.

It was moving rather slowly for about three minutes, when it came to a stop. About 30 seconds later it simply disappeared. The instant vanishing together with the glowing orange luminescence convinced me that it wasn't a helicopter.

((NUFORC Note: Launch of Delta IV out of Cape Canaveral at 20:18 hrs., 18MR17: