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Occurred : 3/10/2017 20:45 (Entered as : 03/10/17 20:45)
Reported: 3/19/2017 4:48:10 PM 16:48
Posted: 3/23/2017
Location: Grand Terrace, CA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:5-7 minutes
24 white lights over San Bernardino moving from Northwest to South on March 10, 2017.

On the evening of 3/10/17, I had walked out of my home with our dogs and noticed a large group of lights in the northwest, towards the Cajon Pass. I quickly told my wife to come out and see this.

During the next several minutes (the entire period of observation was approximately 5 to 7 minutes) we observed the formation, see attached UFO 1, which started out in the pattern as illustrated in UFO 1. As the formation moved from the northwest to my location in Grand Terrace, Ca. ( 34.025839 N, -117.319688 W), the center section (items #2 and #3 in UFO 1) started to move from a line of 4 or 5 objects each to a random grouping in the center of the “C” pattern, Item #1. Within the “C” pattern the objects appeared to consist of groups of 2 objects (see Pic 1) forming the arc. While the arc seem to face East all the time the arc moved toward the South.

The picture, while not very good, was the best I could get with my cell phone, and then I had to zoom in just to get this. Even though they seemed very bright to the eye, I couldn’t get the entire group in a photo. My wife sent the photo to the NBC 4 station in LA. However, we didn’t see anything on the news or on the web about this sighting.