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Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/30/2016 22:30 (Entered as : 10/30/16 22:30)
Reported: 3/26/2017 9:09:35 PM 21:09
Posted: 4/7/2017
Location: Kettering, OH
Shape: Triangle
Duration:30 minutes
pairs of lights. one pair vibrated and chased each other. Large structure outlined by star lights moved towards me.

I went outside at 10:30 pm with my observing chair and 7x50s. It was cloudy in every direction. I swept around the sky three times. I saw two white lights south of my position through my 7x50s. These white lights were just sitting there.

Suddenly, these lights began vibrating towards each other. They would move far apart and then come together. All very quickly. Back and forth. Back and forth. Very fast. I said to myself what the hell is this? This can't be. These lights were moving very fast.

I put down my 7x50s. I looked up and down the street. All was normal. I looked directly at these vibrating lights. This cannot be. These lights were vibrating very fast. Then bang all stopped. These lights sat still next to each other. Then bang all of a sudden the left light started chasing the right light. This chase moved in closed elliptical orbits. These lights were moving so fast the light pattern that was created looked like a ball of string. This cannot be I said to myself.

Finally both lights came to a stop. They sat right next to each other. Now the sky started to clear. This pair of lights started moving together towards my position slowly. They came to a stop just short of my position. The sky was now clear. I said this cannot be. The right side of the sky was filled with pairs of white light. There were about 14 pairs of lights. I said this cannot be. I looked up and down my street to see if I was seeing things. All appeared normal. Then on my left side and way! to the south I saw movement and then looked with my 7x50s. I saw what looked like a big structure moving towards me. It looked like a B-2 bomber but outlined with bright stars. There was a bright star at every apex except the nose. Instead there were two bright stars on either side of the nose. This structure moved with its left wing all the way down and its right wing all the way up. I saw right through this structure and thought I could see the background sky. This structure stopped abreast of the pair of lights on my right. This thing was big. It seemed like it was three times the size of a B-2 bomber. At this point I said to myself what the hell is going on? I then saw a light moving frm my right to my left. It was far off. I used my 7x50s. It was a small triangular craft. The craft was about 10 feet on its side and was self illuminated. Each apex was gently rounded. The craft appeared light brown to slightly yellow.

There was a white lens or glass circle in the center of the craft. You could see this white window but it seemed to be lit from the outside. This craft made no noise and there were no marker lights. I do not know what lit up this craft. I watched this craft for several minutes. It disappeared off to my left. I returned to look at the light show. The sky was now completely normal. I have no idea what I saw especially the vibrating lights and one light chasing the other light. Many times over I said to myself I am not going to report this sighting. Then I saw the picture of the lights posted on the NUFORC site dated March 12, 2017, from Tacoma, Washington. My lights looked just like those lights except for pairing and vibrations and chasing. Incident lasted about 30 minutes.