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Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/29/2016 02:00 (Entered as : 12/29/16 2:00)
Reported: 4/2/2017 1:47:45 PM 13:47
Posted: 4/7/2017
Location: White Stone, VA
Shape: Light
Duration:4 hours
A single, zig-zagging light spotted in December, and again in the months thereafter. Also, in March, two of the lights seen at once.

The object, seen through my window while I lay in bed early in the morning, initially appeared to be a bright star or possibly a planet. It was blinking white, red, blue, and green in color. Suddenly it began to move as if it were almost vibrating, but then the movements became more obvious–it moved up and down, side to side, and would zig-zag through the sky before it would stop and stay still like a star again.

If I watched long enough, it would begin to move again, in the same manner. It was so captivating and interesting that I had somehow unwaveringly watched it for four straight hours before I had to pull myself away to get some sleep.

The following week, I woke up around the same time and saw the same thing. A single star-like object in the sky, blinking white and different colors, and moving in strange patterns for brief periods of time. I continued to watch this object in the sky in the early morning every few weeks, always in a similar place in the sky. Sometimes, when I would first notice it, I would doubt my earlier sightings (blaming it on my eyes or thinking perhaps I had imagined it), yet if I watched long enough, the object would begin to move and blink as it had before.

On Thursday, March 29, 2017, I woke around 2:00 to see TWO star-like lights parallel to each other in the sky. The first was in the same area in the sky as usual and the second was a little to the left. Initially, I thought maybe the second light was just a star, but suddenly both of the lights began moving exactly the same way. This led me to believe that the lights could be on opposite ends of a large craft, but later the lights began to move differently than each other. Sometimes they would move in opposite directions, but sometimes they would rush close together before vibrating away and then pausing in the sky. This sighting was perhaps more spectacular than the other mornings, since I had never seen more than one at a time! As I am writing this, I notice that the two dates I know for SURE I saw these crafts (I have a journal entry from the first sighting in December and for last week's sighting, so I know what days those sightings were on, but I didn't write anything for the other sightings) are both on the 29th of the month. This could be a coincidence, but I wonder if the other times I sighted the craft that I didn't document the date for could possibly be on the 29th of the month as well. If so, perhaps this coincides with some planetary cycle that could explain the light, rather than something extra-terrestrial. I will continue to watch for the lights. If I see any between now and April 29th, I will make another report.

As for my background, I'm only a high schooler. I don't have any qualifications that would lead me to be more trustworthy, but I am telling the truth of my experiences. I would love to know if there is any information on similar sightings! Also, an idea occurred to me the day after my sighting of two lights at once. I set my camera's f-stop and ISO so that if I were to take a picture of a moving light at night, the photo would show the path of that light's motion. I have arranged my camera on a tripod near the window I see the lights out of, and I hope to capture the lights next time I see them.

If I am successful, I will submit a new report with my findings.