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Occurred : 4/22/2017 21:34 (Entered as : 04/22/2017 21:34)
Reported: 4/22/2017 8:14:23 PM 20:14
Posted: 4/28/2017
Location: Irmo, SC
Shape: Unknown
Duration:1 minutes
2 People witnessed 2 identical glowing objects in the sky over Irmo/Columbia, South Carolina, at approx 9:30pm, 4/22/17.

My husband and I went out to our back deck at approx 9:30pm (21:30) on April 22, 2017, to sit for a few moments. Upon exiting the east door to the deck we noticed the stars and Jupiter were quite bright and the moon was absent. We shut off our deck lights so we could observe the sky since we know there was a meteor shower last night but we're not fortunate enough to see any.

I thought perhaps we would see some left-over meteors tonight, so we stood facing east on the back/side deck area with the porch lights out. To the south/south east is the city and it is brighter in that direction, there was also slight mist/clouds in that direction only (at that time).

So, we both stood for a few minutes, and we both happened to be looking at the same thing, (which we did. It realize until we were shocked at what we saw) two identical stars of exact same brightness, from our distance they appeared very small and high up, white in color, and approx 2-3 inches apart (of course we were on the deck looking at the sky), seems like normal stars, I thought the clouds were moving in fast but as it was it was NOT the clouds moving it was the "stars."

These objects moved exactly the same speed, were exactly the same size, exactly the same brightness, color exactly the same white, they appeared to never move erratically, they stayed exactly the same distance apart while moving, they both moved in the line of 2 at the same speed across the sky in an east/south east direction. When they were directly in front of us in the sky, over our east neighbors rooftop, looking east, they grew VERY BRIGHT, the light was not quite white at this point it was more pale yellow, they both brightened at the exact same speed, the exact same time, the exact same size, they glowed for approx 3 seconds and then faded back to "normal star" brightness or "average" star brightness, and they continued to move in the line of 2 across the sky at the same speed, never changing direction that we could tell, and staying the exact same distance apart. They never stopped, either.

We watched these two things move out of view and fade until! we could no longer see them. They did not flash, blink, move strangely, or change movement, they glowed once simultaneously together very brightly. No trail. There were no sounds.

I tried to get video but t was too late, and too dark.

My husband is a technician, and I am an artist. We have 2 kids who were both in bed at this time. We were not drinking and we do not do drugs. We often spend a lot of time on our deck with our garden and chickens.

We have never seen anything like this before. Not long after (about 10-15 minutes), I did see what appeared to be a satellite in the sky, similar to the above mentioned objects, but only 1, moving in the same direction, but directly above my head, it never grew bright or glowed, it remained exactly the same until it was out of site, and it also appeared to be moving faster than the other two objects so because it seemed different and much like other satellites we have seen, I assumed this third object was indeed a satellite but I thought I should mention it.