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Occurred : 5/5/2017 20:00 (Entered as : 5/5/2017 20:00)
Reported: 5/6/2017 12:44:28 PM 12:44
Posted: 5/11/2017
Location: Corona, CA
Shape: Other
Duration:2 minutes
Fast-moving light over the mountain range, near Corona, California, in Southern California 5/5/2017

Last night, while out on my balcony, I witnessed a bright light coming from the west, over the mountain range (Santa Ana Mountains) where I live in Corona, California. This light moved faster then anything I have ever witnessed. No blinking lights on it, I checked during the duration, my brother & ex-spouse were pilots, so I do pay attention to aircraft regularly. This light continued high up into the atmosphere, way above where jets fly.

I contacted the news stations in Los Angeles, about 60 miles west of my home, to see if they had received any calls; they reported no calls.

During the ascent of this light or craft, a regular jet with blinking lights was crossing over the mountain range during this time, but considerably lower, as I believe the jet was landing either at Ontario International Airport in Ontario, California, or headed to Burbank (Bob Hope Airport). The pilot had to have seen this light.

When speaking with CBS News Station in Los Angeles, I asked the news desk if Vandenberg Air Force Base on the Central Coast of California had fired off any missiles, as they are known to do, and have been doing for the past month off and on, the news desk person told me there were no scheduled missile flights from Vandenberg until June 2017.

I wish I could have recorded this light, but do not have the means on my flip phone.

The local papers and web community sites listed nothing about it today. Disappointed, as I am sure others witnessed this light.