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Occurred : 6/15/2010 03:00 (Entered as : 06/15/2010 3:00)
Reported: 6/22/2017 4:55:59 PM 16:55
Posted: 7/7/2017
Location: Chicago, IL
Shape: Other
a sentient animal that looked human, with no eyes but a mouth with flatter lips stood at the foot of my bed as I awoke.

I opened my eyes, in the old master bedroom of the house with the addition. It was the first bedroom up the stairs. At first I was looking up, but saw something black by the foot of the bed but off the left, actually on the side of the bed of me, and not actually at the foot, but sort of a little closer than the foot. I looked at it. It looked almost exactly human, and I assumed my family was playing some type of prank of me with a black suit and mask, probably my brother. This creature was actually quite tall, taller than a normal human. But the mouth was flesh and had no lips but sort of a creased structure. The eyes, I thought were covered, but this creature didn't have eyes. It was just a head with a mouth and it stood, analyzing me through it's head. This must have been the way it sensed things. I looked at the clothes, still thinking this was a costume of my father or brother's to scare me. The animal had a black suit. I looked at the detail of the ski! n, and saw that it was essentially faceless, but with a bald head. A man wearing black, but without eyes and a flatter face. I exited the home within 15 seconds. My bed was close to the door, which was open. And the front door was right down the colonial stairs. My parents put about 1,000,000 into that house, the museum house I called it. They were once offered 2,000,000 for the colonial home with a large back addition and a fourth floor. Maybe whatever decided to stop saw the largely lit building that didn't look like a normal house. On the 4th floor, there was a typical colonial roof that was extended with the addition and about 6 sky-lights. They were usually brightly lit from the internal lights, like patterns to the sky. When we built the addition, we also found this energy piping leading to nowhere in the open land behind us. The builders said there was something they couldn't comprehend about it exactly, and we decided to bury/ignore it. I sometimes wonder if we had ! followed it, was it just a bunker from a War that the original! house owners had built? Why was there power and metal lines running to a field from a house that was over a hundred years old.. I ran outside the home that day, partially naked, screaming the whole way. There are other details such as seeing a female, and also skin markings but I don't want to go into these because they'll sound like I'm fabricating. This experience was really just contact. I meditate and try to connect with the peace in the universe. I'm not really sure if these other sentient beings can feel energy from people, but it seemed like it was observing me from the side of my bed. Hopefully a nice, enlightened creature, not something menacing. I didn't ever see that man, as I think of him, again. And I looked up japanese lore, and it said noppera-bo, a vision of someone about to betray you. Or perhaps a visitor with an alternate transportation device that we don't comprehend. I think that this being, was sensing and probably used the natural universe on a different level that me, because without eyes, there must have been some other type of sense that kept him almost at a respectable distance from my bed. If he was any closer, I would not have gone off that same side of the bed. I'd probably have rolled around the other side and gone out the balcony screaming.. I'm not sure. But both of us were close to the door, and I am happy I got away. Maybe the screaming let him know I was uncomfortable.. I feel like he let me leave. I feel like I could have been stopped since the stairs were quite steep. I went from the top landing, right outside by bed and where I dropped my feet, down the stairs, and outside. I recall feeling safe, inside my chest and body once I got to the street and looked back at the house, not seeing anyone and seeing cars/ I believe at least one person. I don't actually remember what happened after the street. I think I got in contact with my family somehow, I don't recall this was in about 2010, but as early as 2008. This creature, was not human. Afternote: I wrote about some markings! on my skin, but deleted them because that evidence, I thought, would discredit this account. I have been getting these unexplained white dots on my skin, like a scoop removed and then this white transluscent almost skin grows over.. healing kinda fast and appearing out of nowhere. The two dots were on my abdomen, then my leg, and there have been others that appear elsewhere, like my forearm. These are more recent, and I'm sometimes wondering if the contact was peaceful, or if I don't know what's happening when I'm sleeping/being accosted.

((NUFORC Note: Source of the report elects to remain anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))