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Occurred : 7/3/2017 20:30 (Entered as : 07/03/2017 20:30)
Reported: 7/6/2017 10:52:28 AM 10:52
Posted: 7/7/2017
Location: Miami Beach, FL
Shape: Circle
Duration:1-2 hours
Laying on beach on back looking towards sky. Noticed a small dot similar to the size of a star or satellite. The only issue was it was moving from the ocean to towards the beach. I figured it was a plane, then noticed its altitude in relation to the overhead planes leaving the airport to that of a satellite. Then I thought to myself satellites move in a straight line.

As the object came over the beach it began to make erratic movements like slightly back and forth, left to right and in circles. Still this looked like a satellite, but it was changing speed and direction like nothing I'd ever seen in the sky. I pointed it out to my friend and she said the same, it looked like a satellite, then when it started moving in circles she said, "what the hell is that?" Again this looked like a satellite or star, but moved more like a drone of some sort. It was way to high to be a drone though, again planes passing were below it. It seemed somewhere between the stratosphere and mesosphere, very high up. No flashing lights or anything, maybe a weather balloon? My friend and I had seen anything in the sky move the way it did.

I went into the water and came back to see if I could find it again with the stars. Again, spotted it by its movement moving towards the city away from the water, but staying above the beach.