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Occurred : 7/18/2017 01:05 (Entered as : 7/18/17 1:05)
Reported: 7/17/2017 10:26:20 PM 22:26
Posted: 7/23/2017
Location: Orlando, FL
Shape: Light
Duration:~2-3 minutes
Orangish-white light standing still and then flying off

I was finishing reading late at night in my dorm room at UCF, and I looked outside and saw a very bright light that normally isn't there. It was just shining and staying still for about a minute and then it moved left and grew dimmer once it started to move, until it went behind a building where I couldn't see it anymore.

Then a second bright whitish orange light appeared slightly off from where I saw the first one at, and flew off in a similar manner in an opposite direction.

The objects had their light arc off in random patterns, and stay, then change again, as they moved, but this didn't happen when they were still.