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Occurred : 7/21/2017 04:20 (Entered as : 07/21/17 04:20)
Reported: 7/21/2017 6:32:52 AM 06:32
Posted: 7/23/2017
Location: Chesterfield, MO
Shape: Cigar
2 white continuous lights 1 on top of other w/ green light in lower rt. corner in NE sky - enlarged pic shows cigar shape

With the naked eye, there were two white lights, one sitting on top of the other with a green light in the bottom right corner of the lower light. None of the lights flashed nor moved. These were seen in the NE sky for as long as I was outdoors (approximately 15 minutes in the car and then looking out the bathroom window at home). After dropping my husband off at the YMCA, I pointed this object in the sky to him, thinking it was the morning star. But after driving away, I observed it more carefully and that is what I saw. Interestingly, I did take a picture with my iPhone after parking the car and after enlarging it, I see it to be cigar-shaped. The green light doesn’t show up in the picture because of tree foliage. I will attempt to send the photo to the link below.

I do not believe in UFOs, but I do believe in angels working for God and demons working for Satan. Please contact me only if you find this useful.